Hong Kong – Following the success of the “Say Goodbye to Investment A0” campaign, HSBC One and Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong have teamed up once more to launch a digital-led campaign that empowers young millennials. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the issues that young millennials and tertiary students face, such as a lack of financial education, courage to start investing, and confidence to break out from their wealth A0 status.

To bring the idea of “All@HSBC One. All at once” to life, HSBC One aims to help young millennials flourish through a series of innovative banking solutions and incentives, leading them on a MEvolution journey – one that helps them thrive and become a better version of themselves – anytime, anywhere, with just one tap.

The campaign has been launched with a multiverse short film that imagines the possibility of multiple alternate timelines, bringing the audience on a growth trip.

In this MEvolutionary adventure, an ordinary girl goes between parallel universes to meet the alternate versions of herself and learn how to manage her finances, have the courage to start investing, and have the confidence to become who she wants to be.

To reach a wider segment of local millennials, COLLAR, an up-and-coming girl band, was selected to star as the same character from different universes. Being millennials who share the same challenges, hopes, and goals as others in their age group, COLLAR had demonstrated how they break through their limits and thrive.

The campaign started with a series of teasers on social media to arouse public interest in mid-May, followed by an official launch of the thematic video and a TVC on 21 May 2022 and 26 May 2022 respectively. Upcoming educational videos will also be launched to showcase how HSBC One supports young millennials through its tailored products and services. 

To ensure this campaign is the talk of the town, there will be a large-scale OOH activation including the Sogo TV wall in the following weeks. The brand will continue the campaign with the first Instagram Reel activation among the local banking industry, due to launch this June.