Hong Kong – 7-Eleven Hong Kong has entered the world of fashion and launched a collection of ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ as part of a first-of-its-kind crossover between Japanese denim label FDMTL, known for its ‘boro’ patchwork designs, and classic cartoon PEANUTS. This set of eight bags comes in an assortment of designs, shapes and colours to match any outfit. The accessories can be used for outdoor activities, school, travelling, staycations and other daily activities. 

In 2020, the brand had already partnered with the PEANUTS brand where they picked four stores in Hong Kong and Macau to be specially decorated with PEANUTS characters.

Gaku Tsuyoshi, founder of FDMTL, shared he personally designed all eight ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ in the collection made from high-quality materials in a variety of styles for different functions for his fans in Hong Kong.

He said, “Dress up any outfit with one of the eight ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ and create your own look for any occasion. So step up your style and stand out from the crowd.”

Tsuyoshi knows very well the love Hongkongers have for Japanese culture. And so, he’s incorporated well-known Japanese motifs such as Mount Fuji, tea ceremonies, lantern festivals, food and other iconic Japanese objects alongside the popular PEANUTS characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock. FDMTL’s signature indigo ‘boro’ patchwork design takes centre stage throughout the entire collection with each fashion-forward bag showcasing a different side of Japanese style. 

Customers can choose the ‘Fashion Forward’ or ‘Simply Stylish’ box set. The ‘Fashion Forward’ and ‘Simply Stylish’ box sets where each include a selection of 4 “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags”. 

The ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag’ collection will be available at 7-Eleven from the 4th of May at 7 am. Customers can collect the series with stamps while yuu members can exclusively redeem the bags using their yuu Points. A special edition box set will also be exclusively reserved for yuu members. The special edition box set, on the other hand, comes in two styles – each style has a limited quantity of just 200 boxes. 

The attractive display boxes of each style feature FDMTL’s signature patchwork patterns and contains a selection of four different ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ so there’s no need to collect stamps or worry about redeeming the same bag twice. 

The offer is applicable to 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong and Macau excluding Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort stores and Hong Kong Disney Resort Food Kiosk and. The offer will run from the 4th of May at 7 am to 28 June 2022 where customers will receive one stamp upon a $20 purchase and one more stamp for every additional $10 purchase at a 7-Eleven store. 

In addition, from the 4th of May at 7 am to 1 July 2022 in a total of 8 weeks and 3 days, customers can redeem 2 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags randomly with 12 stamps plus $80 or 1 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag randomly with 8 stamps plus $46. While yuu members can redeem 1 ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag’ randomly with 8,800 yuu Points plus $8.