Singapore – Eagle Eye, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company, has secured a multi-year partnership with FairPrice, the largest retail provider in Singapore. This was done through Eagle Eye’s Untie Nots, the personalised promotions business unit which Eagle Eye acquired in January this year.

Through the contract, Untie Nots is expected to deliver loyalty challenges within FairPrice’s existing Linkpoints loyalty programme. Moreover, it will allow FairPrice to offer its customers highly personalised, gamified promotions at scale and to expand its digital customer base.

The multi-year contract covers FairPrice’s entire digital ecosystem of grocery, convenience, and food courts across Singapore, totalling over 2,000 touchpoints across individual food stalls across more than 70 food courts, supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores. FairPrice customers will be able to benefit from hyper-personalised offers from early third quarter of 2023.

Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye, said, “We are delighted to have facilitated Untie Nots’ entry into the Singapore market, just a few months’ post the acquisition, confirming our view that Untie Nots’ AI-powered challenges solution will resonate with retailers globally. With a growing pipeline, we are focused on unlocking further opportunities alongside the Untie Nots team, supporting retailers in accelerating their digital promotions activities to retain and grow their customer bases.”

Meanwhile, Zyed Jamoussi and Cédric Chéreau, Untie Nots’ Group Managing Directors commented, “We’re excited to celebrate our partnership with Eagle Eye through our contract with FairPrice Group. It evidences the increased recognition of our solutions and the new opportunities available to Untie Nots by leveraging Eagle Eye’s international presence.”

The new contract is testimony to the benefit of Eagle Eye‘s investment into international expansion and the initial marketing activities being carried out with Untie Nots, which are building a promising international sales pipeline.

Singapore – To commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary, FairPrice Group has penned down a love letter that honours the country’s frontliners, and how the company played a key role in securing the nation’s food supply through thick and thin in the midst of a pandemic.

The love letter, running under the company’s ‘Always, FairPrice’ campaign, was conceptualised by The Secret Little Agency (TSLA). The  love letter, which ran across all four languages of Singapore Press Holding’s main vernacular dailies, promises to safeguard its customers’ way of life in Singapore.

Alvin Neo, chief customer and marketing officer at FairPrice Group said that the campaign was developed at a time where Singapore is facing its highest rate of inflation in 14 years.

“Our love letter to all in Singapore aims to assure customers that through economic highs and lows, good times and tough ones; FPG will remain focused on moderating the cost of living by setting the benchmark for prices of daily staples, so as to keep food and essentials within reach and readily available. The word ‘always’ in ‘Always, FairPrice’ represents that long term commitment,” he added.

With its 50th anniversary celebrations, the public can also look forward to the launch of a nationwide ‘behind-the-scenes’ video quiz series which features real life stories of frontliners working around the clock to deliver daily essentials to all in Singapore.

Moreover, the brand campaign’s creative direction also features re-created miniatures of FairPrice Group employees visually representing every little effort that the FairPrice takes to ensure that it stays true to the promise of safeguarding the way of life, where essential products such as eggs take centre stage.

Singapore – Food and grocery retailer FairPrice Group (FPG) has announced an industry partnership with adtech The Trade Desk to provide brands on The Trade Desk’s platform with insights on the impact of their digital advertising campaigns across offline and online sales channels.

In addition, such brands will be able to reach FPG’s customers on the open internet, beyond FairPrice’s owned media platforms. The partnership marks the first time that FairPrice Group’s pseudonymised sales conversion data will be available within a programmatic media buying platform.

The new partnership allows brands to reach an engaged customer base of more than 2 million NTUC Union and Link Members, including over 700,000 FairPrice app users. Brands and media agencies will be able to directly measure how digital ad campaigns are driving both in-store and online sales within FairPrice stores.

Furthermore, brands can make near real-time enhancements to their ad campaigns that can be optimised in a way that was not previously possible. Furthermore, the partnership makes it easier for brands to reach and engage with relevant FairPrice consumers across the open internet, in the fastest-growing digital channels, such as over-the-top (OTT), music streaming, mobile apps, gaming, and websites.

Alvin Neo, chief customer and marketing officer at FairPrice Group said, “Through this partnership, FairPrice Group aims to help brands unlock meaningful opportunities to better connect with our customers. As we enter the era of consent-based marketing, we look forward to working with The Trade Desk to harness the power of retail data to gain better insights to reach and serve consumers in relevant and beneficial​ ​ways.”

Meanwhile, Mitch Waters, senior vice president for ANZ, Southeast Asia and India at The Trade Desk, commented, “Given the complexity of the modern consumer, brands will need to take an omnichannel approach that supports a true shopping experience and navigates the path to purchase with consumers. By integrating FairPrice Group’s retail data available for the first time with The Trade Desk platform, we are helping brands reach FairPrice customers across the open internet, and closing the loop between advertising activity and in-store and online action.”

Singapore – Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group have recently launched their new digital bank for Singapore, Trust Bank, and WPP creative company Superunion has been tapped to lead its overall branding. 

Trust Bank, known as Trust, is a digital bank designed to offer easy-to-use and transparent banking experiences with a launch of products that include a credit card, a savings account, and family insurance. Backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group, it brings together a leading international bank and a leading national food retailer, with more than 200 years of combined experience serving the everyday communities of Singapore. Superunion was tasked with creating a new inclusive brand, visual identity, and brand experience to reflect the new bank’s role “in the fabric of the nation and the lives of its people.” 

Superunion said the new brand is designed as a ‘love letter’ to everyone who calls Singapore home, celebrating the everyday lives and spirit of the people who come together to build a brighter future for the country. The brand is inspired by the idea ‘a digital bank for the everyday us’, and is designed to reflect the approachable and accessible nature of the bank. 

According to Superunion, the wordmark in lower case is an expression of trust as the foundation of today’s banking and indicates the bank’s aim to be more in tune with customers through a clear, down-to-earth banking experience. 

To develop a unique illustration style for the bank’s communications, the agency worked with typographer Raymond Burger and illustrators Soh Eeshaun and TYC Studios. The added signature icon of the letterform ‘T’ in two blocks is inspired by Singapore’s building architecture – designed using its iconic pastel colours. Created in two core colours, the blue captures the bank’s stability and security, while the purple is a symbol of optimism and a nod to the national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. 

Scott Lambert, Superunion’s creative director, said, “It’s been a privilege to partner with the Trust Bank team to create a new revolutionary digital bank in Singapore. Banking, as an essential aspect of everyday life, needs to be simple, accessible and easy for the end customer to use. The Trust Bank aims to deliver that experience by demystifying banking and empowering local people. We brought this to life within the brand through collaboration with employees and leaders across the entire business.’ 

He added, “Superunion wanted to show that Trust Bank is a brand that truly understands what it means to call Singapore home. We are proud of a brand platform that inherently delivers against the needs of Singaporeans through deep insight around what it means to live, work and spend here.” 

Meanwhile, Kelvin Tan, CMO of Trust Bank, commented, “Working with Superunion to build the Trust Bank brand was both a strategically and creatively-inspired experience. They took the time to immerse in our consumer insights and corporate ambition – and coupled with their creative expertise, a brand that speaks to the diverse needs of consumers in Singapore was born! Having trust deeply rooted throughout the collaborative journey, from strategy development through to visual identity, means we all had a hand in creating this new brand for all of us in Singapore.” 

Trust was officially launched on 1 September 2022. The bank brings several market-first innovations to Singapore, including banking only through the app with integrated rewards and spend trackers, as well as the first-to-market numberless credit card, which also combines a credit and debit card, removing the need for users to own multiple cards.

Supporting the launch of Trust is an omnichannel brand campaign by IRIS Worldwide and Havas Media with the tagline ‘The digital bank for the everyday us’, which will be delivered across TV, print, digital, out-of-home and creative in-store activations at FairPrice Group retail stores. 

Singapore – Trust Bank, a new digital bank backed by Standard Chartered, NTUC Enterprise and FairPrice Group, has officially launched in Singapore. Trust Bank is the first of the nation’s new wave of digital banks and launches with a range of products for its customers, comprising a credit card, savings account and family personal accident insurance.

Trust Bank brings together reliable banking foundations with an extensive consumer ecosystem that delivers more than 1 million customer experiences nationwide each day. These organisations have more than 200 years of combined experience of serving the community in Singapore.

In addition, TrustBank is integrated into the FairPrice Group ecosystem and brings best-in-market rewards of up to 21% as a promotional launch rate on everyday spending at the FairPrice Group’s touchpoints across NTUC FairPrice, Kopitiam, Cheers and Unity. 

“Trust has been built specifically for Singapore based on the extensive feedback received during its user testing period. This customer-centric approach is at the heart of Trust’s culture and is enabled by the use of best-in-class technology to create a great user experience. Today’s launch is the starting point for Trust and customers can expect further products and features to be developed based on their feedback,” the bank stated in a press statement.

Dwaipayan Sadhu, chief executive officer of Trust, said, “We are hugely excited to launch Trust in Singapore and delighted to introduce a breakthrough client experience enabled by our best-in-class technology platform. Through listening to our customers and by leveraging the strengths of our partners, we are committed to bringing real tangible value to our customers in Singapore through accessibility and convenience, and making Trust a part of their everyday lives.”

Trust offers a differentiated customer experience, designed to make things easy and delightful. Customers with Singpass accounts are able to sign up for a Trust account in a matter of minutes and use their digital card immediately to generate significant savings. The Trust app also offers enhanced accessibility, with customers able to switch between English and Mandarin language based on their preference.

Judy Hsu, chief executive officer of consumer, private and business banking at Standard Chartered, shared, “Standard Chartered has been serving clients in Singapore for more than 160 years, and the launch of Trust further extends our commitment to continuously invest in innovative ways to serve the communities in Singapore. Backed by Standard Chartered’s track record in building successful digital banks globally and our partner FairPrice Group’s strong brand and extensive ecosystem, Trust offers at launch a well-rounded suite of savings, credit and protection solutions coupled with rewarding lifestyle offers and benefits. By integrating Trust’s digital-first services seamlessly into customers’ everyday lives, Trust is making banking accessible, secured and effortless for everyone.”

Lastly, Kee Teck Koon, chairman of FairPrice Group, also shared, “Trust’s digital banking solutions will complement FairPrice Group’s omni-channel offerings to meet the needs of our customers better. Trust’s credit card and savings account will empower our customers to enjoy savings from groceries to food and everyday spend via seamless integration with FairPrice Group’s Link Rewards programme, while benefiting NTUC union members with an easier way to earn higher Linkpoint rebates and savings account interest. Together with the trusted partnership of Standard Chartered, we are confident that the synergies created through our combined strengths and heritage will make Trust’s banking solutions convenient and accessible for all.”

Singapore – The island nation of Singapore has long been well-known as a haven for food lovers, with dining out being a large culture among Singaporeans who can choose from a wide variety of food courts. Tapping this large local ‘foodie’ culture is the latest endeavor tackled by the project of cooked food operator Kopitiam and the Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS), alongside its technology partner Moving Walls.

Said project, known as an ‘Industry Standard Measurement Project’, aims to bring accountability to Food Court advertising by deploying Moving Walls’ patented audience measurement to accelerate the adoption of technology on these media assets.

AAMS is currently championing an industry-wide regional Outernet media measurement initiative with Moving Walls. The project, through measuring physical location and people’s movement, powers planning, selling, verification, and re-targeting audiences using location-based Outernet media, has hit the ground running with the launch of its Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG) initiative.

For Bernard Chan, CEO of AAMS, said initiative is targeted to help open up untapped media segments in this space in response to increased demand for measurable media outside the internet world.

“Kopitiam has one of the largest footprints in various food services formats, and its participation in this project will be a big boost to our efforts. Outernet digitalization is going to be a game changer for the industry,” Chan stated.

Meanwhile, the project will also entail the implementation of a research layer using a synchronous mobile layer to understand the impact of this media, according to Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and group CEO at Moving Walls.

“Our patented solutions analyze these food courts to build a predictive forecasting of total potential views, unique reach, and frequency based on historical data points,” he added.

In terms of commitment, Vivek Kumar, director of strategic marketing and omnichannel monetization at FairPrice Group, their company commitment leans towards data-backed targeting and extended outreach to their partners.

“As part of FairPrice Group Media, the food media network of Kopitiam is an effective medium that not only reaches people like me who are ‘food lovers’, but can also help advertisers reach hyper-local communities to offer relevant products and services,” Kumar stated.

This is also seconded by Pauline Png, head of customer experience and marketing for FairPrice Group Food Services Business, who said that as part of the company’s business transformation journey in the food and beverage industry, it is important that they can understand their customers’ needs and experiences better in various food spaces, be it in mall food courts, coffee shops or hawker centers.

“This project with AAMS’ technology partner Moving Walls is a step in the right direction. I am excited to be able to develop superior experiences, food offerings, and communication that will delight our customers, tenants and partner brands,” Png concluded.

Singapore – FairPrice Group, the cooperative that runs Singapore’s largest supermarket retail chain and cooked food centers, has appointed global marketing agency Lewis, to be its agency partner for public relations.

FairPrice Group is an organization that brings together four social enterprises – namely NTUC  FairPrice, NTUC Foodfare, and Kopitiam, as well as NTUC Link.

Through the partnership, Lewis will be responsible for providing brand, communications, issues consultancy, and media relations, as well as content creation, and issues monitoring. 

In addition, the agency will also be working alongside the group’s corporate communications team to bring the cooperative’s vision to life and strengthen the brand’s relationship with the community as consumer needs evolve.

FairPrice Group’s Director of Corporate Communications Jonas Kor shared that the formation of the group has provided an opportunity to develop a holistic approach to cater to the evolving food needs of consumers. 

“During the pitch process, the Lewis team demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand and the areas where we are keen to strengthen. Since working together in April, the agency has developed and implemented creative communication and media strategies that are designed to serve the Group’s unique services and proposition,” said Kor.

Pamela Tor Das, the managing director at Lewis Singapore, commented that they are excited to have the opportunity to share its story with the people of Singapore and look forward to working closely with the FairPrice Group team.

“The demand for brands today goes beyond delivering great services or products. We’re living in a time where brands increasingly need to act with purpose and meaning – traits that FairPrice Group embodies. It’s a brand that touches many of our lives with a clear vision that is fuelling its growth,” said Das.