Singapore – Wootag, a visual interactive and insights platform, has launched today Wootag Signals, a real-time event-driven video interactive solution to tap into the patterns of demand and consumer behaviors, to drive impactful brand experiences on videos.

Leveraging on real-time data and technology, Wootag Signals enables marketers to deliver product placements, promotions, and creatives focused on real-time conditions, including weather conditions and football matches. Through this, Wootag Signals aims to eliminate marketers’ time and budget constraints to customize its engagement with target audiences and impact purchase behavior.

The solution provides marketers with the ability from customizing viewers’ experience by weather to customizing videos or interactive based on weather conditions. They can simply select the location, trigger type from weather factors to temperature, and then assign the interactivity. Marketers can now run multiple patterns in one single campaign and make changes continuously to optimize the marketing efforts.

Furthermore, marketers can also reach target audiences with a trigger focus on sports events. By selecting the League or Cup, they can set up a customized viewers sports experience. In response to the growing marketing demand ahead of the Olympics Games Tokyo 2021, the function will subsequently be expanded to Cricket, NBA matches, and worldwide sports events. 

Raj Sunder, the founder and chief executive officer of Wootag, said that marketers have been struggling with creating impactful actions for any video and display marketing campaigns. He believes that Wootag Signals can provide an easier way to address the power of visual interactive engagements and help them to navigate through the increasing complexity of video interactive journeys. 

Sunder further said that Wootag is committed to strengthening the platform in supporting brands and marketers to effectively engage with the right audience through efficient visual interactive solutions.

“With no doubt that weather plays a key role in impacting the specific target audience’s purchase behavior. From Wootag’s engagement with several clients in the region, we see a significant improvement of conversion rate rise with nearly 3 times uplift and 130% of a boost in lead generation after implementing Wootag Signals. In the future, we look forward to expanding the event-driven patterns further to other conditions which could play a key role in audience emotions,” added Sunder.