SingaporeErika Cleo Foo, formerly the vice president of communications at Singlife, has recently been named the new vice president of communications and brand experience for Asia-Pacific at ING. In an exclusive conversation with MARKETECH APAC, Foo shared that she will report to Christine Kam, head of communications and brand experience for ING APAC.

“Working closely with regional and country teams to ensure consistent messaging and positioning throughout the Asia-Pacific region, as well as ensuring the alignment and effectiveness of communications initiatives, will be crucial aspects of my role,” she said.

When asked about her strategies in her new role, she stated that she aims to focus on executing effective communication strategies to position ING as a regional leader in sustainable finance.

“ING has a strong foundation in APAC, and I’m eager to leverage that to elevate our position as a leader in sustainable finance. This is a crucial area for the future of the financial services industry, and ING’s expertise aligns perfectly with the growing demand for environmentally and socially conscious solutions across the region,” she said.

Prior to joining ING, Foo was with Singlife for two years, where she managed the company’s strategic communications plans in alignment with business objectives and brand identity.

She previously spent over five years with the National Heritage Board, handling various roles related to marketing communications and programming efforts.

“My experiences at Singlife and the National Heritage Board have taught me the importance of balancing innovation with tradition. From Singlife, I bring a strong understanding of digital-first strategies and the importance of integrating technology into customer experiences,” she said.

Foo added, “At the National Heritage Board, I learned the value of storytelling and creating emotionally engaging brand experiences. I believe these learnings have helped me create compelling and innovative brand experiences, leveraging both technology and storytelling to connect with audiences.”

When asked about specific brand experience challenges the banking and insurance industries face, she highlighted navigating the increasing regulatory landscape while maintaining a seamless customer experience, as well as ensuring data privacy and security in an era of digital transformation.

“On the opportunity side, the rapid adoption of digital technologies provides a chance to enhance customer engagement through personalized and convenient services. Additionally, there is a growing opportunity to build trust and loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which are increasingly important to customers,” she said.

Discussing the opportunities the industry may see this year, she stated, “Customers today expect a seamless and personalized experience across all channels. This presents a challenge, but also an opportunity for differentiation through innovative and customer-centric brand experiences. Institutions that leverage advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour will benefit from more strategic decision-making, resulting in meaningful and tailored solutions for their end-users.”

Foo also added, “Building trust and brand loyalty will be crucial in the competitive APAC market. Transparency, ethical practices, and a focus on customer well-being will be key differentiators. Institutions that embrace a purpose-driven approach that aligns with the values of their audiences, such as sustainability and ethical practices, will find themselves a step ahead in building long-term brand loyalty.”