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SME superapp Enstack launches in PH

Manila, Philippines – Enstack, an SME superapp, has launched in beta in the Philippines late in February, and after only two weeks, announces its strong entry in the market with over 10,000 merchants signing up on the platform. 

Enstack as an SME superapp provides entrepreneurs with all operational, logistical, and financial tools they need in a single platform. On Enstack, businesses can accept orders from customers over the phone, in person, and online via its Chat Store. With the Chat Store, merchants can automatically receive orders via their Facebook Messenger accounts, without replying to each message, and directly fulfil them using the Enstack app. 

SMEs can also offer customers multiple payment options and ship packages with integrated logistics providers directly from the app. Other management tools include sales and expenses recording, inventory management, and analytics. 

Behind Enstack is Oriente, which has provided Filipinos access to credit through their Shop Now, Pay Later services. With Enstack, it expands its focus on Southeast Asian SMEs. 

“After supporting the biggest merchants through our digital credit services, we now want to optimize the smallest of businesses so they can keep up with the rise in digital consumers. After seeing the swift growth and adoption of our free easy-to-use superapp, driven purely by word-of-mouth, we know we’ve created a game-changer with Enstack,” shared Geoffrey Prentice, co-founder of Oriente

“We’re glad to see our initial group of over 10,000 SMEs, led by merchants in food and beverage, feel empowered as they take their first step towards digitization so they can be more efficient, profitable, and thrive in today’s economy,” adds Prentice.

Enstack is available in the Philippines and Vietnam and is set to launch in other Southeast Asian countries in the next 18 months. It is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.