Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Following its first expansion into the Malaysian market, a new joint venture between the Malaysian subsidiary of Japan-based e-gift service Giftee and marketing communications company Mekong Communications has been announced, which signals the expansion of the e-gift service to Vietnam.

Through Giftee Mekong joint venture, both companies will focus on two core objectives: to distribute e-gifts, or digital vouchers catered to the retail and F&B industry, and to provide various digital marketing incentive solutions to businesses in Vietnam through a program ‘giftee for Business’.

To materialize these venture objectives, Giftee Mekong will bank on Giftee’s business expertise on the scale of the e-gift industry, evident with its extensive business in Japan and Malaysia, while Mekong Communications will use its extensive client network of F&B businesses for engagement of digital marketing services for corporations.

In short, it is to be expected that various business synergies will be implemented to the venture’s new clients such as enabling brands to issue e-gifts, or opening markets for e-gift providers to enable corporations to incorporate e-gifts into the business strategy, as well being offered with various solutions combining digital marketing strategies with e-gifts.

First founded in 2010 in Japan and currently represented by directors Mutsumi Ota and Tatsuya Suzuki, the company offers four services for consumers and businesses: giftee-C2C gift service, e-gift System, giftee for business and Welcome! STAMP, an electronic system making engagement with local businesses easier, including e-local currency, e-payment for transport systems and local taxes, and so forth. Said expansion into the ASEAN region started first with the incorporation of Giftee Malaysia in 2018.

“E-gifting service has experienced steady growth for the last few years in Vietnam but it is still far from reaching its maximum potential. Digital transformation is a survival strategy for most companies. We believe that Giftee can contribute significantly to the digital transformation of Vietnam as well as bringing the convenience of e-gifting service to local users,” said Le Bui Kim Son, CEO of Giftee Mekong.

Meanwhile, Mekong Communications is part of a larger corporate network known as Mekong One, which focuses on three main areas: marketing communications, distribution solutions, and real estate strategic consulting and advisory. With more than 12 years of experience in being well-informed about the environment and reality as well as the potential advantages of the Vietnam market, Mekong Communications holds the reputation of being an authorized strategic partner of a broad range of giant companies, especially Japanese companies in the Vietnam market.

“We are confident that with our core competencies, well-informed experience in the Vietnam market, digital infrastructure, and artificial intelligence…The collaboration between Mekong One and Giftee will make a great difference not only in products and services but also contribute to improving the experience for the Vietnam market and Vietnamese users,” said Nghia Vo, general Director of Mekong Communications and member of Mekong One.