Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

RICE Media ties with DOOH Falcon Media, to broaden reach of video content

Singapore – Digital media platform in SEA, RICE Media, has partnered with Falcon Media, an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media company specialising in large format outdoor advertising billboards across Singapore, with the aim to display its impactful storytelling and insightful journalism in a much wider reach across Singapore. 

Through the partnership, RICE Media will be showcasing its video content on multiple digital screens outdoors, including Fortune Centre, Wilkie Edge, and Sim Lim Tower, as well as KINEX. It will be rotating its slate of video content on Falcon Media’s digital billboards for a period of one year. The campaign kicks off with a story about Ammar, a Singaporean dancer, filmmaker, and actor, whose deafness never got in the way of his dreams. 

Moreover, the partnership provides opportunities for the Singaporean publication to establish its commitment to telling stories, perspectives and insights from across SEA. It is also Falcon Media’s first-ever partnership with a publication. 

Khai Asyraf, RICE Media’s managing director, initiated the collaboration to offer RICE’s partners a 360-marketing solution by utilising multiple channels and touchpoints beyond the online realm. He noted that in this ever-changing digital era, strategic partnerships are essential for media companies to attain sustainable growth. 

“With this partnership in place, RICE wants to uphold our brand credibility while maintaining our edge and competitiveness in the media market. Falcon Media has enabled and accelerated this mission as we pursue audience growth and expansion across Southeast Asia,” said Asyraf. 

Meanwhile, Bernice Heng, Falcon Media’s managing director, commented that she is excited to kick off the partnership after finding immense synergy and potential in working with RICE.

“With RICE Media’s content creation offerings and digital media advertising options, they are an excellent fit for us to delve into the online realm. This partnership offers our clients the ability to reach out to their audience outdoors on both a macro and personal level,” said Heng.

In July 2022, RICE Media, has announced two leadership promotions, which include Asyraf, former client services director, being its new managing director, and Ilyas Sholihyn, former branded content strategist, being its new editor-in-chief.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Moving Walls, GroupM partner anew to deliver DOOH capabilities in PH

Manila, Philippines – Building on their recent partnership agreements in Indonesia and Malaysia, media investment company GroupM and global outdoor advertising technology provider Moving Walls have partnered anew to bring automation and accountability to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising across the Philippines.

The latest collaboration enables GroupM Philippines’ agencies to leverage Moving Walls’ Moving Audiences, an end-to-end audience data-driven planning, buying, and verification solution for DOOH media. Moving Walls has developed a comprehensive technology stack including a DOOH planning tool that predicts audiences based on the most recent movement trends. The Moving Audiences platform has already been used to execute campaigns for multiple GroupM clients.

According to Moving Walls, a majority of DOOH inventory in the Philippines is already connected to this ecosystem by Location Media Xchange (LMX), the supply-focused subsidiary of the Moving Walls group. 

Yasmin Mallari, chief investment officer at GroupM Philippines, stated, “There is no doubt that DOOH’s role in the omnichannel mix will continue to grow as the potential reach of this medium is now across locations where consumers commute, work, eat, reside, and more. Brand investments will also grow when there is accountability around where the ads are being served and how campaigns perform. This partnership enables us to enrich our suite of offerings in DOOH planning and extend further measurement capabilities to our clients.”

Meanwhile, Norman Davadilla, CEO of Moving Walls Philippines, highlighted how this partnership will continue to transform DOOH media in the Philippines. 

He said, “Philippines is a regional DOOH leader where both the buy and sell side industry associations have launched initiatives to implement common measurement standards. We have partnered GroupM in other markets and are excited to extend these capabilities to brands in the Philippines.”

The partnership with GroupM comes less than a year after Moving Walls partnered with the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of the Philippines (OHAAP) to scale the data-driven OOH industry in the country for further growth.

Technology Featured ANZ

Havas Australia appoints OIS as its independent, third-party verification partner

Sydney, Australia – Havas Australia has appointed technology platform OIS as its independent and third-party verification partner for its digital, programmatic, and classic out-of-home client campaign investments.

As the OOH sector evolves, the partnership sees Havas clients positioned to meet the challenges faced by advertisers wanting to independently verify their OOH investment, independent of publisher reporting, aligning to already adopted practices in other media.

At any moment in time, OIS tracks hundreds of out-of-home campaigns across Australia and New Zealand, processing billions of verification data points. 

Michelle Lee, group investment director at Havas said, “Our strategy is not to just keep up, we want to be ahead of the curve as out-of-home evolves, as there are some fantastic opportunities for brands and agencies. One example is the shift to programmatic, however, smarter trading and campaign management of existing direct investments is also top of the list, both areas where OIS technology will support Havas teams.” 

She added, “OIS was a standout, from their world-first programmatic solution that tracked a billion plus impressions across multiple markets to their proprietary physical inspection data which we can access to verify quality data for every screen across Australia.”

Meanwhile, Justin Singh, founder and CEO at OIS, commented, “It’s great to be appointed after a competitive review that centred on innovation and has acknowledged our broader suite of proprietary tags, pixels, and physical inspection data solutions. Unlike other verification alternatives in the market which may rely on publisher ‘pops’ or ‘log data’, brands recognise that all OIS solutions are completely third party, aligning to industry best practice and how agencies and brands verify other media channels.”

Technology Featured Global

Broadsign rebrands programmatic DOOH portfolio

Québec, Canada Out-of-home (OOH) ad tech company Broadsign rebrands Campsite DOOH demand-side platform (DSP) as Broadsign Ads, extends platform to support new regional markets. 

The pDOOH-specialty demand side platform (DSP) helps agencies and brands plan and execute impactful DOOH campaigns with a streamlined workflow that resembles online and mobile DSPs. 

Broadsign has been working with a number of early adopter agencies and brands throughout the U.S. and Australia to launch campaigns via Broadsign Ads in each market. With the Broadsign Ads rebrand and geographic expansion, media buyers in the U.S. and Australia can now access the platform’s intuitive, powerful campaign workflows, which helped pave the way for pDOOH in Canada. Platform advantages include: 

John Dolan, VP and global head of Media Sales at Broadsign, said, “Between increasing consumer screen fatigue and the target on the cookie’s back, DOOH is approaching a new era of growth. Broadsign fAds makes DOOH ad buying more transparent and as accessible as online and mobile. It combines the core functionality of Campsite with Broadsign best practices and technology.” 

Moreover, Dolan shares that the rebrand of Broadsign Ads and its expansion into the U.S. and Australia represents a crucial next step in DOOH’s evolution, enabling new and seasoned digital marketing agencies, brands, and local businesses to realise the full potential of OOH.

Marketing Featured Global

Hivestack, Yahoo announce strategic tie-up for global DOOH efforts

New York, USA — Yahoo and Hivestack, the independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company, has announced a global strategic partnership to connect their industry-leading technologies, and enable premium, programmatic DOOH cross-channel media campaigns on a worldwide scale.

Via the partnership, Yahoo’s omnichannel demand side platform (DSP), will be integrated into the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP), which will allow Yahoo and its clients to access Hivestack’s premium global DOOH inventory through real-time bidding (RTB) transactions via open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

Bruno Guerrero, COO at Hivestack, said, “The evolving programmatic DOOH landscape has created numerous opportunities for brands, agencies and media owners to leverage the channel to drive meaningful and measurable connections with audiences across the globe.”

Guerrero adds, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate with the Yahoo DSP to facilitate seamless, efficient experiences for omnichannel marketers to transact across DOOH programmatically, providing access to premium global DOOH inventory and data.”

Interested advertisers and agencies can immediately access Hivestack’s global DOOH inventory through the Yahoo demand side platform.

Iván Markman, chief business officer at Yahoo, commented, “Early in the space, Yahoo has helped advertisers maximise DOOH screens throughout the consumer journey and foster meaningful and memorable connections. This partnership amplifies that ability and provides Yahoo DSP advertisers with the diverse, global and premium OOH inventory Hivestack affords.”

Meanwhile, Barry Frey, president and CEO of DPAA, shared that the out-of-home sector has seen a resurgence in the last year, fueled by innovative creative execution, digital facilitation and a return to ‘normal’. Frey says that they are thrilled to see major players and DPAA Board Members like Yahoo and Hivestack connect to facilitate these interactions between consumers and brands.

Technology Featured East Asia

PilotTV Media selects Hivestack as its SSP partner in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan – Digital signage operator and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media provider PilotTV Media has partnered with adtech Hivestack. Through this partnership, PilotTV will integrate their premium DOOH inventory into the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP). 

PilotTV Media’s digital place-based media inventory will be available programmatically to both local and global advertisers via Open Exchange deals and Private Marketplace (PMP) buys. Advertisers will initially have access to six large LED digital screens located in the popular Kaohsiung Metro Stations in Taiwan. 

In addition, brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs both within Taiwan and globally will be able to purchase and run data-driven and highly impactful programmatic DOOH campaigns in the country.

Troy Yang, managing director for North Asia at Hivestack, said, “We are excited to build on the momentum we have already created in North Asia and continue our expansion in Taiwan through this new partnership with PilotTV Media. Our partnership with PilotTV is instrumental in our vision of building up the largest local DOOH marketplace in Taiwan, just like all the other markets we operate in, so buyers can precisely target their audience throughout their path to purchase journey.”

Meanwhile, YF Juan, VP for international operations and infrastructure services at PilotTV, commented, “Hivestack is the natural partner for us in Taiwan given their position as a world leading programmatic DOOH adtech company. Leveraging our existing technical infrastructure, we are excited to partner with a pioneer for programmatic trading to drive growth through DOOH advertising campaigns across our increasingly large network of inventory in Taiwan.”

Recently, Hivestack has announced a partnership with KanBan Culture, a privately owned programmatic DOOH media owner in Taiwan.

Technology Featured South Asia

Programmatic DOOH player Lemma launches independent SSP for DOOH

Mumbai, India – Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) player Lemma has announced its independent supply side platform (SSP) for its DOOH offering. In addition, it also aims to address the imperative need of transparency for measuring return of investment (ROI) on DOOH spent by advertisers. 

The SSP is built with the intent of delivering objective, exact and timely reports to advertisers, much in line with Lemma’s values of trust and transparency. Lemma SSP will ensure clarity at all levels, right from providing brands with quality and brand safe inventory to visibility in real media costing.

In addition, Lemma SSP will also provide 3rd party validation through standard DSP integration with the likes of MediaMath, Google DV 360 and Yahoo!. This validation ensures that advertisers avoid wasteful spends resulting from fraudulent audience counts and inactive screen status.

Commenting on the launch, Gulab Patil, founder and CEO at Lemma, said, “As programmatic DOOH scales across various markets it becomes essential for stakeholders to provide transparent solutions to advertisers to win their trust and encourage them to spend more on the medium. However, this must be practised without any compromises from either side.”

He added, “Keeping this in mind we’ve developed Lemma SSP, an unbiased independent platform that brings in trust, transparency, accurate validation & efficient price discovery and enables all stakeholders to equally benefit from a part of the programmatic ecosystem.” 

As demand for audience buying surges in DOOH, the new SSP will also serve as a complete audience buying solution for marketers by avoiding wasteful exposure through an exposure gauge that alters in real time in sync with audience availability in select locations and screens. This will ensure that no ad is shown when the audience footfall is below accepted levels. 

Location parameters are also set for each DOOH screen as per its size and location. Audience data is then obtained from various data partners pertaining to each site location, which is then matched with the campaign parameters to trigger the displays.

Technology Featured ANZ

Z Energy launches first HTML DOOH with MBM, LUMO

New Zealand – Fuel distributor Z Energy in New Zealand has partnered with media agency MBM and digital billboard network LUMO Digital Outdoor, to deliver its market-first HTML DOOH in the country. This is part of the company’s newly launched brand platform – ‘Moving with the times’.

Powered by LENS, which deems to be the market’s only live, camera-based vehicle measurement tool for roadside DOOH inventory, the LUMO built HTML creative displays a live daily tally of EV vehicles that have driven passed each digital billboard. The system’s proprietary technology detects the number plates of vehicles as they enter the viewing zone of each roadside digital screen. ‍

Each detection event is cross-referenced against the Waka Kotahi database, in real-time, to determine whether the detected vehicle can be categorised as an EV. If true, the event is added to the daily count and pushed directly to the HTML creative to update a text widget on the creative template. The data supplied is completely anonymous, with simply a make and model reference to determine engine type.

Andy Baird, Z Energy’s general manager of retail, believes that the campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the country in which they operate, and for them to lean into the tough conversations, they need to have to achieve a low carbon Aotearoa – showing all New Zealanders how Z is moving with the times.

“Z is already on its low carbon journey with ambitious emissions reductions targets and is committed to actively choosing to invest in low-carbon revenue streams that are better for both our customers and the planet. We are playing in some of these spaces already,” said Baird.

Meanwhile, Jamie Snow, LUMO Labs’ head of digital design, noted that HTML is standard online, but they are only seeing its use sporadically across DOOH, and the more they see in the programmatic DOOH space particularly, the more they will see formats like HTML being the standard.

“DOOH creative has a way to come here in NZ, but it is reassuring that agency partners like MBM understand the capabilities of our network, enough so to help direct client’s towards best practices and executions such as what Z has achieved here,” said Snow.

Kaitlin Mitchell, MBM’s business director, commented, “For Z to be ‘Moving With The Times’, we need an open and collaborative approach from media owners to help us deliver innovative solutions. We are delighted we have been able to achieve that with LUMO.”

The campaign is now live across LUMO screens in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Wellington, as well as Christchurch.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

GroupM partners with Moving Walls for DOOH capabilities amongst agencies

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Media investment company GroupM and global outdoor advertising technology provider Moving Walls have partnered to bring automation and accountability to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in Malaysia.

The partnership enables clients of GroupM agencies, namely Mindshare, m/Six, MediaCom, and Wavemaker, to leverage Moving Audiences Plus, an audience data-driven planning, buying, measurement, and ad-play verification solution that can activate all connected DOOH screens across the country.

Moving Walls has developed a comprehensive technology stack including a DOOH planning tool that predicts audiences based on the most recent movement trends, a demand-side platform that activates against these plans, and an in-campaign analytics tool that measures actual campaign performance that can then be compared against the predictions.

The inventory is connected to this ecosystem by Location Media Xchange (LMX), the supply-focused subsidiary of the Moving Walls group and a variety of advertisers including Chevron, Dell, Lancome, and Shell have already run outcome-based outdoor advertising campaigns powered by the new solution. Through this new solution, clients will now be able to estimate and measure audience delivery down to specific ad plays rather than relying on historical vehicle traffic numbers. 

Anne Leow, GroupM Malaysia’s head of GroupM Outdoor, shared that as outdoor advertising embraces digital efficiencies, it is important to first streamline and legitimise the delivery of the advertising in a manner that is verifiable by all parties – the media owner, media buyer, and the tech providers. 

“This partnership enables us to apply market-leading DOOH technology to optimise media spends across thousands of screens that are present in different venues, both indoor and outdoor locations,” said Leow.

Meanwhile, Srikanth Ramachandran, Moving Walls Group’s founder and CEO, commented that they are excited to launch this with GroupM Malaysia in a market that has some of the region’s most iconic DOOH sites and where many static sites continue to convert to digital panels. 

“Verification of ad plays and campaign performance will improve confidence amongst brands to extend their digital video campaigns to the big screens,” said Ramachandran.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Hivestack taps KanBan Culture as company expands Taiwan reach

Taiwan — Hivestack, a programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company has announced a partnership with KanBan Culture, a privately owned programmatic DOOH media owner in Taiwan. Through this new collaboration, KanBan Culture’s DOOH inventory will be integrated into the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP) allowing buyers to activate it programmatically in the Taiwanese market.

KanBan Culture offers premium DOOH inventory in retail, service and hospitality environments, targeting consumers at convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurant chains, sporting arenas and education facilities. Currently, KanBan Culture operates across 277 convenience stores and expects to expand further by the end of the year, with a sizable presence along the popular ‘food street’ in Taiwanese department stores and numerous outdoor LED billboards spread across major highway intersections in Taiwan.

Hivestack’s SSP will enable KanBan Culture to monetise their DOOH inventory at these locations to create a programmatic scale for advertisers both inside Taiwan and global brands looking to activate audiences inside the country, via outside-in buys.

Richie Chen, CEO and co-founder of KanBan Culture, commented, “In this nascent industry of programmatic DOOH, the entire industry should and must collaborate for a sustainable ecosystem. Kanban’s role is the facilitator and enabler and we are thrilled to partner with Hivestack, the leading programmatic DOOH ad tech company.”

Troy Yang, managing director of Hivestack North Asia, said that they are excited to be expanding their SSP partnership in Taiwan – a market that they believe has great potential.

“Partnering with KanBan Culture will further strengthen our premium inventory supply for programmatic DOOH, enabling our local and global demand partners the opportunity to reach the most relevant audience for their campaigns with high impact out-of-home advertising across Taiwan,” Yang said.