Manila, Philippines – PDAX, the digital asset exchange in the Philippines, has expanded its portfolio in the country, as it starts offering four new additional coins that Filipino crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell and trade via the platform’s mobile app. The new coins—Solana, SUSHI, XLM, and BNB—are now available to all members beginning this month. 

Each of the four new coins brings unique qualities. Solana, for one, is considered a more viable alternative to Ethereum due to its high speed and low transaction fees, while SUSHI is an Ethereum-based token that runs Sushi, a decentralized exchange platform where people can trade unique and hard-to-find cryptocurrencies that aren’t yet listed in major coin exchanges.

Meanwhile, XLM, otherwise known as Stellar Lumens, was designed to make transferring money as simple and affordable as possible. As for BNB, it is used to avail discounts on trading fees, pay for transaction fees, and invest in other cryptocurrency projects.

With the launch of these four new coins, PDAX mobile app now offers a total of 26 coins, the most out of all the licensed local exchanges.

Nichel Gaba, PDAX’s founder and CEO, said, “As the leading digital exchange in the country, we are constantly finding ways to expand our crypto offerings and address the needs and pain points of our users. With these new coins, we hope to encourage more Filipinos to start trading crypto.”

Before this month’s rollout, PDAX made some of the coins available for early access to members of PDAX Prime, a new exclusive service that provides high-volume Filipino crypto investors full access to even more tokens. PDAX Prime gives clients access to 50 tokens, including 30 exclusive over-the-counter (OTC) digital assets.

Aside from trading crypto on the exchange app, PDAX also offers easy transfer methods to private wallets so clients can use their assets for investing in DeFi, NFTs, and yield farming, amongst others.