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Soymilk brand Vitasoy undergoes rebranding 

Hong Kong — Vitasoy, the iconic soymilk brand rooted in Hong Kong City for more than 80 years, is making a substantial move to evolve its branding by reviving its plant-based heritage to resonate with modern consumers’ desire for a healthier and nutritious lifestyle. Through dentsu international Hong Kong’s ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign platform, Vitasoy aims to represent its wide portfolio of plant-based products everyone is familiar with.

The Vitasoy brand has been planting its goodness in Hong Kong since the 1940s to serve affordable and plant-based soy milk for everyone. Their long commitment transcended and transformed through time to now a heritage that shall be rejuvenated to sync with the needs of contemporary consumers and to remind them that greater goods are achieved through daily small practices, such as consuming plant-based food and beverages every day.

The ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign visualized Vitasoy’s genuine and wholesome brand personality showcasing its portfolio of products including Classic, Calci-Plus and VitaOat, from its most iconic range of Vitasoy classic products to its functional line of Calci-Plus range, to its latest new product, VitaOat.

The new brand equity stamp is a branding mnemonic device that holds the various stories and product strengths, set in daily moments including social gatherings, workouts, and home cultivation.

David Kim, group CMO at Vitasoy International, said, “We continue to be poised for growth at all times, including the future. We are happy to reintroduce what we have cared about since the beginning as a tribute to our past and bring forward our heritage so as to build a better future with our consumers together.”

Meanwhile, Simone Tam, CEO of dentsu international Hong Kong, commented, “Vitasoy is our long serving client. Knowing the brand has a rich and devoted heritage, we are happy to revive it and modernize it, so the brand stays relevant and connected with the young generation through its wide range of plant-based products.

Marketing Featured East Asia

Alcohol brand Asahi launches first-ever 3D billboard in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Asahi, one of Japan’s popular alcohol brands, together with dentsu International Hong Kong, has launched its first-ever 3D billboard in the heart of Hong Kong’s busiest district. The ad serves as an extension to Asahi’s global brand campaign under the platform “Beyond Expected”, a bold manifesto that leads its audiences to unveil unexpected experiences modern Japan brings. 

Asahi’s campaign is the first-ever alcohol brand to create such an immersive and anamorphic OOH (out of home) in Hong Kong. The ad is also an uplift and local adaptation of Asahi’s brand campaign currently touring around the world. 

The 3D ad starts with a 6-secs reveal of Asahi’s canned beer and finishes with a 15-secs brand reel. Surrounding the ad is a full 270-degree OOH domination right on top of Times Square, one of Hong Kong’s most popular shopping malls. And complementing the OOHs is a streamlined O2O and integrated consumer journey that engages audiences through digital content on social media, websites, banners, TVs, etc. 

Donny Ho, regional sales director for Asia of Asahi Beer Asia, said the campaign is extremely meaningful for them.

“One of our marks to be truly Beyond Expected through action, so consumers can see us with fresh eyes, and to take Asahi’s modern Japan spirit with them when they explore the city,” Ho said.

 Chester Tang, creative director at dentsu International Hong Kong, commented, “We see 3D billboards as the next phase of advertising; in fact, it’s already here.” 

“We have a head start in Hong Kong and are now free to break the fourth wall, merge with our IRLs and blur the lines between content, experimental and OOH,” Tang added.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

dentsu International Hong Kong appoints Napoleon Biggs as chief consultant

Hong Kong – Dentsu International Hong Kong has announced the appointment of Napoleon Biggs as chief consultant, effective immediately.

In his new role, Biggs will offer consultancy for senior marketers in evolving their organisations in a digitally dominated world. He is also entrusted with driving integrated solutions for dentsu’s important customers by leveraging the agency’s broad spectrum of offerings across the three service lines, namely creative, media, and CXM.

Over the course of Biggs’ career, he has worked with more than 100 customers in a wide range of businesses, including airlines, zoos, and more. He is also a regular speaker on technology trends and digital disruption at international and regional conferences including Ad:Tech, Clickz Live, Google, HKU, HKTDC, among others and has delivered courses for HKU, Singapore Art Council, Omnicom University (Singapore & China), Yonsei University (Korea) and Google Squared. 

Digital transformation, omnichannel commerce, data leadership, and new kinds of digital business and culture and entertainment, such Web3, Metaverses, and NFTs, will be among the topics covered by Biggs.

On his appointment, Biggs said, “I can’t wait to plug my energy and expertise into the truly integrated agency platform that dentsu offers. The industry in Hong Kong is crying out for both creative and data-driven ways to engage their various stakeholders. And we’re teaming up to make it happen.”  

Simone Tam, CEO of dentsu International Hong Kong, shared, “With such depth and breadth of e-commerce, digital, marketing and business knowledge, Napoleon will add tremendous value to our clients and reinforce our leadership in the market in offering integrated solutions.” 

“I am confident that with Napoleon’s entrepreneurial spirit, we will go from strength to strength as the agency partner for modern marketers,” Tam added.