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Delhi International Airport says postpone your travel plans amid COVID-19 in new campaign

Delhi, India – As India continues to grapple with the second wave of the pandemic, people have been advised to stay indoors to curb the spread of the virus. However, constant reminders of beautiful locations and serene beaches on social media can potentially trigger housebound travelers to put their pending travel plans in action. 

To urge people to avoid non-essential travel, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has launched a social media campaign series, consisting of travel quotes with a twist, done in collaboration with 22feet Tribal Worldwide, the media agency by advertising holding company DDB Mudra Group.

The new campaign by DIAL aims to put the national interest first, for the safety of the people and the country. It was brought to life by putting a unique spin on often used terms such as ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Wanderlust’ with visuals that are looking out from a window, showing beautiful locations but from the safety of one’s home. The idea was to play around with people’s expectations of such inspiring travel quotes.

Debashish Ghosh, the national creative director at 22feet Tribal Worldwide, said that social media captures an individual’s imagination, especially when they are cooped up in their home with a limited set of activities. 

He further shared that in the current scenario, staying home is the best way to protect ourselves, and leisure travel must be avoided. 

“While DIAL is at the forefront of receiving and facilitating aid flights as well as Vande Bharat flights from across the globe; the travel facilitator also took on the responsibility to dissuade people from non-essential travel. The team deployed a counter-intuitive take on popular travel verbiage to inject the message with a dose of levity. And that’s how this campaign came to fruition,” said Ghosh.

The campaign is already available across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.