Malaysia – ADA, Asia’s digital marketing agency, has announced a partnership with Cycle & Carriage, an automotive manufacturer that serves Malaysia’s affluent and high-affluent segments. Together, they intend to incorporate artificial intelligence and natural language processing (AI/NLP) technology into their conversational interactions on the martech stack.

Cycle & Carriage and ADA have partnered to launch a strategic effort that will use AI/NLP technology to improve customer experience. This expanded reach demonstrates Cycle & Carriage’s commitment to staying creative and utilising digital solutions to improve its capacity for providing customer support. 

The staff at ADA has worked closely with Cycle & Carriage, fully comprehending their company needs and objectives. They have developed specialised digital solutions to address problems and seize opportunities in the automobile sector. Cycle & Carriage is now able to take advantage of ADA’s expertise in AI/NLP integration, automated customer support systems, and data-driven marketing tactics due to this cooperative effort. 

Cycle & Carriage plans to leverage ADA’s experience even further in order to increase opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, increase the reach of CTWA campaigns, and maximise the efficiency of media and digital marketing.

Cycle & Carriage is the first customer at the CES to use ADA’s AI/NLP services. Cycle & Carriage hopes to increase the reach and effect of CTWA initiatives by working together with ADA Marketing Service on a continuous basis. By utilising the most recent martech products. 

Speaking about the partnership, Stephen Tan, general manager, head of marketing, Cycle & Carriage, said, “We are incredibly grateful for ADA’s unwavering dedication and support throughout the WABA migration journey. ADA’s commitment to excellence and innovative solutions has truly elevated our customer experience and positioned us for success in the digital landscape. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater milestones together.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Southeast Asian automotive group Cycle & Carriage (C&C) has selected Antsomi CDP 365 to aid its omnichannel customer experience endeavours. Antsomi CDP 365 is built by Antsomi, a regional marketing technology company with regional presence in SEA.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution aims to help brands to unify customer data and subsequently activate the data across multiple channels with hyper-personalised messages and customer experiences.

Under this partnership, C&C uses Antsomi CDP 365 to drive data-driven marketing activities with its customers. Firstly, Antsomi CDP 365 helps C&C to unify customer data coming in from multiple data sources, which include its websites, e-commerce facility, digital ad campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM) system, roadshows and physical stores. 

In addition, the software then created the 360-degree customer view for C&C and allows the company to understand its customers in a better way, including how customers interact and engage with C&C via various touch-points. By knowing more about its customers, C&C could deliver hyper personalised messages and customer experiences to its customers, such as popup banners and electronic direct mail (EDM), for better customer engagements and higher sales conversion. 

Stephen Tan, C&C’s Head of Marketing, said, “We always aim to provide exceptional customer experience to our customers. Using marketing technology like Antsomi CDP 365 helps us know more about our customers and engage with them with tailor-made messages across multiple channels. Apart from that, we also use CDP 365 to provide an online-to-offline/offline-to-online (O2O) customer journey to our customers in our newly launched Mercedes-Benz concept store at 1 Utama Shopping Centre.”

Meanwhile, Serm Teck Choon, co-founder and CEO at Antsomi, commented, “Cycle & Carriage is an innovative partner that cares a lot about providing an exceptional customer experience for their customers, along the way when its customers make a decision to purchase a car. Antsomi is proud to help C&C in understanding more about its customers in pre- and post-sales activities, and improving customer engagements and sales efficiency.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Automotive group Cycle & Carriage (C&C) in Malaysia has announced the appointment of its new CEO, Thomas Tok Chek Kuan. Tok succeeds Wilfrid Foo Tsu-Jin who takes on the role of chairman of C&C and managing director of Cycle & Carriage in Singapore

Cycle & Carriage is an automotive group in Southeast Asia with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. Tok’s new position comes after holding the role of C&C general manager and head of sales in Malaysia since January 2017. Prior to joining C&C, he held various positions across different functions in Cycle & Carriage Singapore for more than 10 years and spent another four years in China managing dealership operations.

Tok has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and held portfolios in sales, auto finance & insurance, vehicle logistics and leasing businesses. His tenure in Zung Fu, a major dealer group for Mercedes-Benz in China, included a stint in managing dealerships in Guangdong, China. 

“Since joining C&C, Thomas has professionalised the sales management operation system across our network and grew our downstream business strongly by leading new business concepts. His familiarity with the company and experiences in the industry is well suited to ensure the stability and continuation of the company’s strategies under his leadership. I am excited to pass the baton over to him and I believe that he will bring Cycle & Carriage to greater heights in years to come,” shared Foo.

Meanwhile, Tok himself commented, “I am excited to take on the Chief Executive role in C&C, an organisation that stands for the hallmark of exceptional service and quality. Mr. Wilfrid Foo has inspired our team here and set an impressive momentum of modernising the retail experience for our customers. I look forward to serving the community with continuous support from our Cycle & Carriage family.”