Bangkok, Thailand – SQUARE44, a Bangkok-based branding and packaging design agency, announced its launch into metaverse with a new division called CRPTOSQUARE. The new division will specialize in helping brands and marketers connect to the metaverse space as well as with NFT-related projects.

As the first brand design agency entering the virtual world, CRPTOSQUARE is also among the first of Thai businesses that have established an actual virtual presence in the Metaverse by investing in land and opening a virtual office in Decentraland, one of the more well-known digital worlds that are currently in existence, overseen by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation.

Mathijs Aliet, founder of SQUARE44, said that while the utilization of the NFT concept’s potential is still in its infancy, the agency sees many standard and unimaginative applications flooding the market.

“It is important that brands put strategic thought into how they enter the space as rushed projects might do more harm than good,” shared Aliet.

Aliet adds, “The way brands interact with users in the space will dramatically change — many other opportunities will emerge, but it is very likely that the projects that garner most interest initially will be focused on helping businesses connect their physical brands with the new version of the digital world. All things related to the Metaverse are moving with unprecedented speed, and a first-mover advantage is important for many brands.”

With the launch of CRPTOSQUARE, SQUARE44 developed a roadmap for introducing brands to the opportunities of the Metaverse. A sample of services includes single or half-day Metaverse Branding Workshops which provide an introduction for marketing professionals into the world of new opportunities. In addition to workshops, another major direction for CRPTOSQUARE is the development of NFT-related projects, where CRPTOSQUARE intends to support clients in the development of branded NFT collections that have a long-term vision, roadmap, and utility.

To get into CRPTOSQUARE, brands must enter Decentraland.