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Crazy Domains addresses the challenges NZ SMBs face in new campaign

New Zealand – Web solutions company Crazy Domains has launched a multi-channel campaign called ‘Your Business is Better Online’, a series of ads that depict the harsh and vulgar reality of running a business offline.

The campaign aims to showcase the challenges faced by New Zealand small and midsize businesses (SMBs) when doing business in the ‘real world’. Through the series of gritty, humorous, and honest ads, the company believes that it will greatly impact the decisions of entrepreneurs to go digital.

According to Crazy Domains, despite several opportunities for digital adoption, about 37% of SMBs in New Zealand do not have an online presence, and 53% agreed they need more support when it comes to establishing one.

Mark Evans, international CEO of Newfold Digital and the owner of Crazy Domains, shared that 2020 forced SMBs owners to rethink their strategy and accelerate their digital transformation plans, regardless of whether they’re equipped for it or not.

“Businesses are finding new ways to make the most out of their web presence. And a new website or website improvements are proving to be efficient and affordable options to adapt to the aftermath of COVID-19,” said Evans.

Furthermore, the digital campaign will also be accompanied by two commercial videos, which will be running on Australia’s Metro TV, Digital TV, and billboards.