Singapore – France-based ad-tech company Criteo has announced its third Japan-based data center based in the capital city of Tokyo, and aims to follow the rule on corporate responsibility by making its newest data center equipped to standards of green-based energy.

Upon migration, the Japan market will be the company’s largest data center within the APAC region. Being the largest market outside of the United States, the company aims to diversify its reach within the North Asia region, particularly in Japan and Korea.

Aside from being equipped with the company’s basic services for premium ad services and inventories, the newest data center’s facilities are based on using less power and less CO2 emissions. Features such as 25Gbps connection interfaces, faster and large servers are some of the new inclusions in the new green-based data center.

“Criteo is conscious of its environmental footprint and our IT infrastructure team has always had this in mind as we look at improving our data centers. By using leading technology combined with sustainable practices, our powerful data centers around the world can support up to 2.8 trillion bid requests per week, evaluate over 64 million campaigns per second, and accumulate 700 TB data per day,” said Diarmuid Gill, Criteo’s chief technology officer

In a statement, Megan Clarken, chief executive officer at Criteo stated that the company’s newest data center launch is in response also with the positive growth of the ad industry in Japan.

“Rapid increases have been noted for transactions of programmatic ads and Real-Time Bidding (RTB). We continue to diversify our solutions and invest in upgrading our infrastructure and R&D to provide better service and performance to our clients. As a green-energy based data center, it demonstrates our commitment to being a socially responsible company, caring for our environment and society,” Clarken stated.