Bangkok, Thailand – Dable, a South Korean-based content discovery platform, has entered the Thailand market by partnering with local premium publishers namely Dek-d, a teen-oriented online community; and Siamdara, an entertainment media affiliate of Siam Sport Syndicate Group.

Through this partnership, Dable News, a personalized content recommendation solution, will be integrated on partnered websites offering a sophisticated and seamless personalized experience to users, boosting organic pageviews and generating revenue to publishers.

Dable provides various recommendation algorithms to publishers such as ‘Popular Articles’, which recommends the most viewed contents, ‘Personalized Articles’, which recommends personalized contents, and ‘Related Articles’, which shows content related to the article read by the visitor. Publishers can enhance their recommendation results by applying algorithms that fit the characteristics of their visitors. 

Additionally, Dable provides affiliated publishers with a free dashboard to check the performance of Dable News and gain insights to help improve their competitiveness.

Dable also contributes to generating publishers’ revenue through ‘Dable Native Ad; which displays ads in a design that blends in with the website’s organic content. It delivers high advertising performance by grabbing the user’s attention without interfering with one’s content flow. ‘Dable Native Ad’ can show effective advertisements by analyzing the interests of users, such as showing cosmetic ads to users who read beauty articles.

“We’re thrilled to provide our solution to premium Thai publishers Dek-d and Siamdara that many people engage in Thailand. Dable’s personalization technology has no boundaries. We are committed to helping more people find the information they want effortlessly through technology. We will carry on to expand our coverage in Thailand by partnering with publishers, while providing extensive insights to foster their competitiveness,” said Chaehyun Lee, CEO at Dable.

Dable had recently partnered with Integral Ad Science, aimed at integrating IAS’ brand safety solutions, which offer advertisers the ability to avoid content that most brands would consider inappropriate.

To date, Dable has partnered with over 3,000 publishers in global markets including Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia, as well as Vietnam, and Malaysia.