Philippines – COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises strengthens its leadership by appointing Joyce Yu as its managing director for COMCO Southeast Asia

Yu’s new position includes growing COMCO’s Experience+ division and fortifying the group’s flagship brands, New PR and Smart Social. Services include events, branding, advertising, and special media executions are the main areas of focus for this sector. 

Yu has experience spanning nearly two decades in the fields of public relations, advertising, events, activation, branding, and brand communications. 

As the group’s specialist agency offering digital max services for digital, social, and emerging platforms, technologies, and innovations, Syfargo takes on the position of managing director at TARO AOX Inc. She will also be in charge of Story Lab, which provides services for communications audit, research, planning, editing, and publication, and ICOM, which handles integrated communications and digital PR. 

With more than 20 years of expertise in marketing, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, branding, and communications research, Rachel Syfrago is an experienced figure in the field. 

COMCO has also appointed Rachel Syfargo for TARO AOX Inc., and Tricia Cusi-Jimenea for COMCO Middle East & Africa. Jimenea continues to lead the company as managing director of COMCO Middle East & Africa, opening up new business opportunities. 

Jimenea is a public relations specialist with approximately 20 years of experience in media and influencer relations, celebrity marketing, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, event management, and content development. 

Ferdinand L. Bondoy, COMCO Mundo’s group chief executive director and lead strategic communications counsel / partner and co-founder, said, “My aim and passion to building a great team turned to a relentless goal to building a unique company that any amazing talent would dream to be part of – a creativity playground, a safe zone with a team that got your back, a craftsmanship vessel that will push forward our dreams and bring us to places, figuratively and literally. And for you to have a great team, you need to have the right company, like a second home, for these talents to thrive and grow.” 

He added, “And as we enter our 8 th year, we uphold our Mission 2024 battle cry and reinforce our unparalleled practice in a different league. We won’t be constrained by the norms of the traditional practice or pressures of the dogmatic society as there’s a bigger world out there and there are more compelling issues to dissect; there is a more progressive, complicated but necessary playing field to navigate, where we have a bigger mission to fulfil.”