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Closeup’s latest campaign lets couples mint an NFT certificate of marriage

Singapore – Up until today, many couples are still denied the right to marry due to their relationships. These include couples of inter-racial, inter-caste, inter-faith and same-gender relationships, many of which are still unacceptable in the eyes of key institutions. Closeup has launched a new campaign, ‘Closeup City Hall of Love’, that aims to make a stride on this front. 

Closeup has entered the metaverse and invites couples to break free from real-world constraints to celebrate their union in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world powered by blockchain technology.

‘Closeup City Hall of Love’ is an immersive virtual experience where diverse couples can ‘mint’ their very own NFT marriage certificate and immortalise their love on the blockchain forever. They can create their avatars, explore, and interact with their very own wedding officiant in the space. The experience will include a proposal and end with the minting of their NFT certificate, that can be celebrated by friends and family.

“Our foray into the Metaverse with Closeup City Hall of Love is another initiative to build safe spaces that celebrate equality and inclusion and inspire people to act on their mutual attraction, free from self-doubt and judgement, so they can experience closeness on their terms,” said Gaurav Datta, global brand VP of Closeup.

Closeup has always spotlighted ‘closeness’ and diversity as its top brand values. The brand has already given an NFT marriage certificate to the first couple in the initiative. 

Details are available on Closeup’s ‘Love for all’ website (