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Global marketing company Stagwell adds Thai ad agency CJ Worx to global affiliate network

Bangkok, Thailand – Global marketing and communications company Stagwell has added Thai independent advertising agency CJ Worx to its global affiliate network. This is in part of Stagwell’s objective to build on its investments made in Asia-Pacific in 2022.

As part of the network, CJ Worx will be bringing its expertise in creative content and digital transformation to the table, strengthening Stagwell’s ability to serve brands in Asia-Pacific with top-notch digital creativity. 

In addition, with its substantial presence in Thailand and Southeast Asia, CJ Worx will provide valuable insights and support to Stagwell as it continues to expand its reach and impact in the region.

Randy Duax, managing director, Asia-Pacific for Stagwell, said, “When we saw the outstanding work Jinn and the CJ Worx team were producing and the capabilities they had, we knew we had to bring them into the Stagwell family. CJ Worx is a highly respected and accomplished agency with the same born-to-be-digital roots as Stagwell. They’re a jewel in the region. We believe their expertise and experience will be valuable to our Global Affiliate Network.”

Stagwell has taken several steps in recent months to enhance its footprint across Asia-Pacific, including the formal opening of its regional headquarters in Singapore, a new office in Malaysia, and the addition of several of the region’s leading creative and media shops as affiliate network partners. 

Meanwhile, Jinn Powprapai, chairman and co-founder at CJ Worx, commented, “CJ Worx and Stagwell is a natural partnership. We define ourselves as the ‘Today agency’ where digital is no longer new but just the way of modern business. We never stop restructuring ourselves because the digital environment constantly changes.”

He added, “Thai creativity is some of the best in the world. We are confident that our collaboration with Stagwell will allow us to expand our reach here in Thailand and export this region’s world-class approach to creativity to global markets. I want to show the world how unique creativity is in Thailand.”

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Thai gadget trading platform SWOPMART launches specially made parcel to reduce e-waste

Bangkok, Thailand – Thailand’s online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand IT products, SWOPMART, has partnered with digital agency CJ Worx to launch a new creative packaging called ‘Swopbox’, aimed at reducing e-waste amid the climate change situation. 

The new creative parcel was designed to use repeatedly for IT gadgets and products, of which IT brands could use to target the nowadays consumers who pay high attention to the climate change issue. 

CJ Worx said that once the Swopbox arrives in the client’s hands, they can turn it inside out and put the used or second hand IT gadget in and send it back to SWOPMART.

Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul, CJ Worx’s managing director, said the Swopbox is a must-have item nowadays, and this creative product aims to be the alternatives for the climate change-concerned consumer and brands.

“Brands or general consumers could use Swopbox to deliver their IT gadgets and the receivers can use it repeatedly,” said Keeratiyutamonkul.