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Blis’ latest campaign emphasizes the metaphor of an impending ‘data drought’

London, United Kingdom – With the eventual ‘death’ of third-party data in favor of privacy-centric advertising strategies, global location-based programmatic advertising company Blis puts focus on this dilemma businesses in the future may face by launching a global campaign that likens this ‘data drought’ to an actual drought in real life.

The campaign, which features Blis’ CEO Gregor Isbister, demonstrates the metaphor of being alone in the desert during a drought is aligned with the fact that businesses should migrate as soon as possible with advertising strategies with privacy at its core, unless they wait to be affected by the changes on data-centric advertising.

Furthermore, Blis demonstrates that businesses can ‘escape’ this ‘drought’ by implying privacy-centric ad strategies, including their commercial message of location-powered behavioral data that can provide marketers and media planners with real-world behavior data.

Other messages include location data that can help brands understand the real purchase journey and through an interactive and visual tool that combines data from the company’s global panel with precise location data and anonymized rich third-party signals, discovering and activating audiences is quick and easy.

“The scarcity of data in the post-cookie world does not remove the ability to engage and connect with your digital audience. Brands can still reach their online prospects at scale via privacy-compliant personalized advertising. Even though at Blis we work in the B2B space, we are still marketing to people, and especially during this exceptional time in history, we want to engage our audiences and leave them with a positive and memorable impression, by speaking to them not as robots, but as actual real humans with needs and wants,” Ed Burleigh, head of marketing for Asia at Blis shared to MARKETECH APAC.

When asked why they used the metaphor of a drought in the desert to represent the campaign, Burleigh stated that the desert is an ‘extreme metaphor’ for what may happen when cookies disappear entirely from the digital advertising ecosystem, adding also the new landscape where Apple’s ID for Advertisers (IDFA) update eliminates ad tracking.

“In the desert, there are limited options to survive. However, Blis believes by applying the power of location data, and a myriad of rich and anonymized data signals, brands can reach the right people at the right time. We know that marketers are concerned about the removal of the Chrome cookie. However, we believe a data drought can be avoided,” he stated.

Burleigh added, “We’ve done this by addressing a key industry issue – that is facing all of us – with a sense of clever playfulness. One way we’ve achieved this is by putting a face on the brand, which is a great way to humanize it. Our new company video features our CEO Greg as the lead ‘character’ on a personal journey to beat the data drought. It’s authentic, believable, and fun.”

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Blis unveils new interactive consumer pulse dashboard in Singapore

Singapore – Global ad location Blis has announced that it will be rolling out its Consumer Confidence Pulse in Singapore, which acts out as an interactive dashboard that is built on existing trending data around consumer mood to analyze COVID anxiety.

Said dashboard also now tracks consumer movement over a rolling 13-month period, across 18 retail and lifestyle sectors including airports, gyms, malls, restaurants and grocery stores.

The platform launch comes after COVID concerns in the country had been at an 18-month low before the latest Phase 2 or heightened alert measures. Blis also notes that retail foot traffic remains steady versus the same time last year., adding that the number of people choosing to invest their money rose sharply between June-July 2021 further suggesting confidence is returning.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen brands pivot their operations, strategy and messaging multiple times to meet their consumers’ concerns about safety. The new dashboard will be an invaluable tool for brands to get ahead of the curve by ensuring their campaigns and messaging are striking the right tone and audiences at the right time,” said Emma-Jayne Owens, managing director at Blis.

Each month, the platform tracks responses to four questions around the economy, household financials, spend intent and COVID-19 anxiety. Coupled with consumer movement analysis, the dashboard enables brands to better understand trendlines by industry sectors.

For Alex Wright, global insights director at Blis, their data shows that consumers around the world are capable of exercising their own caution in advance of government-imposed restrictions. He added that while Singapore struggles through its latest set of restrictions, recent history suggests the post-lockdown recovery this time around may not be as gradual as when the pandemic first started.

“In Singapore, our respondents posted the lowest level of COVID concern across the 9 markets we track, prior to Phase 2 measures. This is likely linked to Singapore’s high vaccination rate and low death rate. Even so, consumer mobility in July demonstrated caution amidst rising cases until the tightening of restrictions on 22 July. Despite this caution, retail foot traffic remains steady versus the same time last year,”

The platform is currently rolled out as well across the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, and Australia. The markets of India, New Zealand and the Philippines will see the platform launch in the coming months.

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Ad tech Hivestack taps Amobee, Singtel ad tech veteran for APAC advisory board

Sydney, Australia – Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising firm Hivestack has announced a new appointment to their first advisory board, a step towards Hivestack’s APAC regional expansion.

Harry Dewhirst, formerly of independent advertising platform Amobee, to which he co-founded and was acquired by Singapore-based telecom Singtel in 2012, joins Hivestack’s advisory board and will overlook the company’s advising and counsel on its APAC strategic expansion.

Aside from his Amobee background, he was also the president of data analytics firm Blis, to which he worked on the company’s commercial partnerships and international growth. Furthermore, he has also worked as a non-executive chairman for public relations agency Mutant Communications, non-executive director for alcohol delivery company Trouble Brewing, and more recently as partner for fund investing startup Ballpark Ventures.

“I am thrilled to have the honor of being appointed as Hivestack’s first Advisory Board member”, commented Dewhirst. “Having led companies in the region and being both a serial entrepreneur and investor, I can clearly see why Hivestack’s technology and talent will advance the ad tech and martech industry in APAC. I look forward to facilitating their success and supporting their expansion plans in the region.”

Meanwhile, Andreas Soupliotis, co-founder and CEO of Hivestack commented, “We are delighted to welcome Harry as a member of Hivestack’s Advisory Board. His success as a founder and entrepreneur building and scaling digital and tech companies to huge success, makes him an invaluable asset as we continue to expand our operations in Asia-Pacific.”