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Summit Media expands YouTube ad solutions through Bent Pixels Asia team-up

Manila, Philippines – Digital lifestyle network Summit Media has teamed up with content creator revenue accelerator Bent Pixels Asia (BPA) to expand the media group’s YouTube ad solutions, which includes monetising its pre-roll ad inventory for the YouTube channels of its online magazines.

This comes after Summit Media is currently foraying into growing its YouTube channels as their new digital direction.

Through this strategic partnership, BPA and Summit Media will offer advertisers ‘Reserved Media’ – an ad solution that allows advertisers to target Summit Media’s YouTube channels, and enables brands to exclusively run their pre-roll video ads for full share of voice roadblock for a given period of time, effectively owning Summit Media’s sought-after, quality audience and ad inventory on the platform.

Some of Summit Media’s YouTube channels including Esquire Philippines, Top Gear Philippines,,, Yummy, Preview, and among others will be onboarded onto BPA’s network of premium YouTube creators. 

BPA is part of Hepmil Media Group, a leading technology-driven media network that owns PGAG, a local leading comedy content platform.

Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, Summit Media President, said, “Summit Media is very excited to be a partner of Bent Pixels Asia to sell our YouTube inventory directly to advertisers. Both groups have always stood for innovation in a rapidly changing industry, and we look forward to helping our clients reach their goals together.”

Meanwhile, Erwin Razon, general manager of BPA, commented, “We are excited to offer brands the opportunity to reach the quality and premium audiences of Summit Media on YouTube through our Reserved Media Solutions. With the content expertise of both BPA and Summit combined, we will continue to grow the network’s reach on the platform to cater to larger audiences that will be valuable for brands to target with premium media buying opportunities.”

BPA will also provide YouTube channel development programs to Summit Media, including workshops, best practices, and tools to help them sustainably grow the reach and subscriber base of its brands’ channels and produce quality content to engage their audiences.

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Bent Pixels Asia ties with Tier One Entertainment to help creators develop monetisation strategies

Philippines – Bent Pixels Asia (BPA), a joint venture between Bent Pixels and Hepmil Media Group to empower esports and gaming creators in Asia to efficiently operate and scale their earnings on YouTube, has partnered with Tier One Entertainment, the Philippines’ gaming and esports entertainment talent and entertainment company, to help creators accelerate their revenue from YouTube reserved media offerings, as well as grow their capabilities as creators in producing quality content to engage their audiences.

The partnership officially marks the expansion of BPA in the Philippines. This will bring its total network of premium gaming and esports YouTube creators to over 400 from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, US, and European markets, enabling advertisers to potentially reach over 300 million subscribers.

Through the partnership with BPA, Tier One Entertainment’s creators will be offered to advertisers as part of YouTube Reserved Media deals, which offers brands to secure sought-after ad spaces instead of via auction. Creators can potentially unlock opportunities to uplift their YouTube revenue via access to branded content deals and access to premium tools.

Moreover, BPA will be offering creator development programmes for Tier One Entertainment’s talents who have YouTube channels to help them grow their reach and subscriber base, by offering workshops, best practices, and tools that will help creators strategise, analyse, and execute compelling video content. It will also provide creators troubleshooting support for issues faced by Tier One Entertainment’s creators on their respective YouTube channels.

Karl Mak, CEO and co-founder of Hepmil Media Group, commented they are thrilled to be partnering with Tier One Entertainment and its creators to offer advertisers more brand-safe advertising options targeting a highly engaged group of audiences in one of the fastest-growing esports markets globally. 

“We believe that with our expertise and strength in providing premium reserved inventory, we will be able to help creators within Tier One Entertainment unlock new monetisation opportunities, especially in uplifting their earnings from their video content, as well as helping them build a sustainable earning strategy in their content creation journey through tools and resources that offer them the insights and know-how to grow their presence,” said Mak.

Meanwhile, Tryke Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, said that they are excited to be partnering with the Hepmil Media Group and Bent Pixels Asia to give more creators the opportunity to turn their dreams into careers. 

“We’ve been saying for years – since Tier One was founded, one of our main goals is to open doors for aspiring creators, for gamers with big dreams, and we strongly believe that our partnership with Bent Pixels Asia is going to help us fulfil that goal,” added Gutierrez.