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Bayer Malaysia launches new digitally-led campaign for a healthy Ramadan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Immunity support brand Redoxon by Bayer Malaysia has launched a new campaign together with Reprise, the global performance marketing network under global advertising company IPG which aims to promote a healthy Ramadan.

This year’s Ramadan-themed film, titled “Kuatkan imuniti, rezeki Ramadan dinikmati,” is a Malay musical genre called Seloka which is commonly used in a witty way for the storytelling of folklore and traditions. The film emphasises the necessity of a robust immune system during the month of fasting in order to reap the benefits of Ramadan’s blessings. Lisa Surihani, Redoxon’s newly-appointed Brand Ambassador, is a well-known celebrity who is featured in the campaign.

Amir Faiz, group creative director of Reprise, said that the film was inspired by Malaysian Muslims who work their hardest to achieve the ideal Raya celebrations with family. This can be seen in the intense moonlighting during Ramadan to earn a side income. As expectations run high to have the best decorations, outfits, and homes, it is a time of long hours and intense pressure to fulfil familial obligations

“We chose to spread this message of health and boosting immunity in a light-hearted way through Seloka, embracing both the fun and pressures of the month, Faiz said.

Amir emphasised, “After a long hiatus of celebrations with the pandemic, there is an urge to make this year’s celebrations a huge affair. The campaign aims to show immunity as the currency to keep you going and extends its legs through social engagements with the Redoxon brand ambassador.”

Meanwhile, Junie H’ng, ASEAN brand lead of Redoxon, commented, “Ramadan is all about observing faith and practising moderation in eating and personal habits. We want Muslims to know that Redoxon is here to help them stay healthy as they keep hustling to seek their ‘rezeki’ (good fortune). 

“The Reprise team have successfully portrayed those messages by encouraging thought towards self-care this Ramadan. By taking Redoxon Triple Action daily which contains Vitamin C, Zinc, and now added with Vitamin D, one can maintain immunity and overall well-being to be empowered to find your blessings,” H’ng adds.

Alongside the film, the audience can engage with ‘Redoxon Petua Busters’ (Redoxon myth busters), highlighting common tips and solutions to strengthen immunity, without having to resort to typical traditional beliefs. To give back to the community and show appreciation to those hustling, the “Hustle Demi Idealfitri” activation allows AirAsia app users to exchange rewards points to sponsor a Redoxon Ramadan Care Pack for Air Asia’s riders. 

The film was directed by Esham Shahlin and produced by Artisia Productions. It was released on 5 April on digital channels.