Singapore — The Singaporean arm of automobile manufacturer Audi has unveiled that their premium mobility concept, Audi on demand, has announced its latest initiative – AOD advantage. This new initiative is Audi on demand’s solution to monthly car bookings and offers exclusive savings advantages when cars are rented for longer periods of time.

With AOD advantage, customers can choose their preferred Audi models for periods longer than one month, accompanied by greater convenience and significant cost savings. AOD advantage keeps salient features from the Audi on demand concepts, namely the seamless online interface and complimentary concierge services – and adds to this with affordable, long-term car bookings.

On the Audi on demand website, customers can access the AOD advantage section and select a car, rental dates, as well as delivery and retrieval locations according to preference. AOD advantage rates come inclusive of insurance, regular servicing and maintenance, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance. Longer-term rentals also feature periodic checks on car mileage, with complimentary car pick-ups and replacements as and when servicing is required.

Markus Schuster, managing director of Audi Singapore, said, “Since its launch in 2018, Audi on demand has been well received in Singapore, offering the latest Audi models for our fans and customers here to experience our cars on their own terms. We are excited for the launch of AOD advantage, which will provide our customers with more flexibility and options to immerse themselves in the Audi experience of premium mobility.”

The longer rental periods offered by AOD advantage allow customers to test a variety of Audi vehicles across an extended period of time as the previous offer only lasted 28 days. The exclusive Audi service also allows additional authorised drivers to participate in the promotion as long as the driver is over the age of 23, has a valid Singapore driving license and has at least two years of driving experience.

Those who have an interest in Audi’s new AOD advantage initiative can schedule a booking or learn more about it at Audi Singapore’s website (

Last February, Audi Singapore also announced the appointment of Jasmine Toh as public relations manager.