Malaysia – To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Watsons Malaysia has launched its first-ever branded airplane in collaboration with AirAsia, taking its health and beauty offerings to the skies.

The Watsons-branded airplane will start serving passengers from mid-July onwards at Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2 and will feature Watsons’ branding, in-flight shopping opportunities, and various in-flight engagement activities. 

As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, Watsons Malaysia will introduce a series of initiatives to share joy with its customers and enhance the shopping experience. 

The in-flight shopping experience features key product categories, including travel and health essentials, on-the-go beauty products, exclusive brands, and Watsons Brand items. Passengers can easily view and scan QR codes for these products before take-off and conveniently collect their purchases at any Watsons stores in Malaysia upon arrival.

Watsons members can also enjoy region-wide privileges with the Asia One Pass, available in 10 markets. This allows members to access local offers while travelling and earn points not only in their home market but across all Watsons markets in Asia.

Loyalty members who spend at least RM100 in a single transaction, either offline or online, will have the chance to win prizes such as AirAsia flight tickets, AirAsia MOVE hotel stays, AirAsia MOVE points, and Watsons e-vouchers.

Dr. Malina Ngai, group CEO of AS Watson Group, said, “Today, I’m excited to officiate the launch of our partnership with AirAsia to have our first-ever Watsons-branded airplane as a special initiative for the 30th anniversary. What led us to this partnership is our shared belief that ‘Sky is Not the Limit’—our passion to serve our customers has no limits, and anything is possible for us.” 

Ngai added, “Watsons has been at the forefront of revolutionising the in-store environment for customers, and over these two years, we’re innovating customer experiences in Asia, including Malaysia, and investing USD250 million in 6,000 new and upgraded stores. This means 75% of the store portfolio in Asia will provide a more innovative and enhanced experience for our customers.” 

Caryn Loh, managing director of Watsons Malaysia and regional exclusives director at Watsons International, said, “As customers’ expectations for a seamless and pleasant shopping experience have been rising for over two years, Watsons Malaysia is opening and upgrading 300 O+O stores and enhancing its shopping experience, making its stores the preferred destinations for interactive experiences as the No. 1 personal care and beauty retail brand in Asia.” 

Watsons Malaysia is committed to elevating the shopping experience with innovative and immersive offerings that help customers “look good, do good, and feel great.” Central to its business is the dedication to providing a wide range of high-quality products at great value, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. As one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia, Watsons Malaysia now operates over 700 stores and offers 12,000 products online and offline.

Philippines – For its 18th anniversary, Lay Bare Waxing Salon has partnered with Boost Advertising Agency to launch its new digital commercial campaign, ‘Napapa-Uy’, that underscores the brand’s commitment to inclusivity. 

Lay Bare’s ‘Napapa-Uy’ digital commercial features a specially written song of the same title that captures the funny antics and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who listens and watches. 

Created by Boost Advertising Agency, the commercial captures Lay Bare’s commitment to offering beauty beyond aesthetics, promoting hair-free confidence and hygiene for clients of all ages and genders. It highlights creativity, fun, and engagement with a unique Pinoy flair, serving as a fitting tribute to the brand’s enduring legacy of excellence and innovation.

Paolo Hilario, president of Lay Bare Waxing Philippines Inc., said, “Our journey began 18 years ago with a simple vision: to provide exceptional hair removal services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Today, we celebrate our growth and evolution with a campaign that highlights our dedication to inclusivity and quality service for everyone.”

Darlene Epino, head of marketing at Lay Bare Waxing Philippines Inc., added, “Working with Boost Advertising Agency has allowed us to capture the essence of our brand while emphasising the inclusivity of our services. Our Brazilian waxing service is designed for all genders and ages, reinforcing our commitment to cater to a diverse market.”

The digital commercial can be viewed on Lay Bare’s official social media pages. 

Since its inception in 2006, Lay Bare has established itself as a sanctuary for quality hair removal services, utilising natural ingredients like honey, sugar, and calamansi in its cold waxing technique. The brand has also introduced a mobile app for seamless booking, featuring enhancements like a referral programme to further enhance the client experience.

Singapore – Online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has announced the one-year anniversary celebration for its own brand ambassador Pau-Pau, encouraging users to ‘live like a panda’, meaning freeing up their time and energy to pursue what really matters to them.

In conceptualising the philosophy, the foodpanda team spent hours studying pandas and found that pandas eat as they want to, sleep as they want to and live life without unnecessary worries. Taking inspiration from this outlook, foodpanda believes that humans too can benefit from adopting a similar mindset, and focus their energies on things that truly satisfy them. 

Eunha Bhang, chief creative officer at Delivery Hero Asia, said, “We wanted to create a brand philosophy that will resonate with people of all ages across the region. With ‘live like a panda’, we hope to inspire our customers to look beyond their routine or chores that get in the way of doing things that they truly like, such as spending time with people they love. We want to help them free up time for things they enjoy doing so that they can find true satisfaction.”

Since his debut, Pau-Pau has received immense love from millions of people across the region and has created a positive perception in customers’ minds – making foodpanda their preference for on-demand deliveries. Throughout 2022, foodpanda has also received numerous requests for Pau-Pau merchandise, which highlights his growing fanbase. 

Moreover, Pau-Pau, since becoming the face of the brand, has made his way into customers’ everyday lives through social media collaterals such as Telegram and LINE sticker sets as well as Instagram filters, which are used by many. He is constantly featured in prominent out of home advertisements, and has his own line of plushies and exclusive collectables.

Pau-Pau has also made its way to more hyperlocal campaigns. For instance, in Thailand last year, a giant Pau-Pau mascot visited an underprivileged children’s foundation to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them and also deliver delicious meals and other everyday necessities. In Taiwan, foodpanda launched a Pau-Pau promotion campaign featuring three Pau-Pau statues about 2.5m high while in Singapore, Pau-Pau has his own ice cream flavour and pink cookies.

Speaking about the celebration, Monika Mikusova, senior director of marketing for APAC at foodpanda, said, “The creation of our own brand ambassador, Pau-Pau, allows us to better connect and engage with millions of people who use the foodpanda app daily in a fresh, new way. With Pau-Pau, we now have the unique opportunity and creative runway to launch campaigns that bring to life foodpanda’s brand personality. While Pau-Pau had an adventurous 2022, for 2023, we are very excited for him to explore even more meaningful ways to add value to our customers’ lives.”

Pau-Pau’s philosophy is also reflected in what Mikusova said in MARKETECH APAC’s exclusive feature as their campaign is recognised as the site’s “Branding Campaign of the Year”. In it, she explains that Pau-Pau was made to have a personality that matches foodpanda’s values: a fun-loving and free-spirited panda who advocates environmental sustainability and believes in empowering people.

“As a reflection of our brand purpose, we centred Pau-Pau’s unique personality and passion points on three key values – living life on one’s own terms, the environment, and food and fun. This speaks to our commitment of making food, grocery and essential services delivery accessible to everyone, everywhere quickly around the clock,” she further explained.

Japan — Cosmetics company SHISEIDO celebrated its 150th anniversary with the launch of the ‘From life comes beauty’ campaign that started on June 1. The campaign conveyed to the world SHISEIDO’s enduring focus on life as the essence of beauty and its ongoing pursuit of uncovering the mechanisms that connect beauty and life.

No matter how much times change, people continue to seek beauty. Based on this conviction, SHISEIDO has been pursuing the essence of beauty for 150 years, driven by its mission to create products that add a healthy vibrance to your life.

Ryota Yukisada, chief brand officer of SHISEIDO, said, “In today’s era of uncertainty and hesitation, what kind of beauty are we seeking? Our conclusion? Life. If people around the world, regardless of age, gender, and region, continue the conversation about how beauty and life are related, we believe it will inspire changes for a better world.”

The campaign conveyed the enduring spirit of SHISEIDO, which has been handed down in an unbroken line for 150 years, and its hope for the future, embodied in the phrase “From life comes beauty.” Additionally, SHISEIDO launched three limited-edition products to mark its 150th anniversary, the fruits of its unique Life Science research conducted in its ongoing pursuit of the relationship between beauty and life.

The three limited-edition products individually symbolize ‘Heritage,’ ‘Living Innovation,’ and ‘Future’ to signify the company’s past, present, and future. Their designs use an arabesque motif featured on wrapping paper created in the Taisho era of Japan by Sue Yabe, a member of the design department at that time. Using 3D software, that original design was turned into a three-dimensional form, then photographed from a variety of angles and used to decorate the containers and outer cartons. The designs express the dynamism of life that opens up a new future while harnessing the assets of the past bearing 150 years of history.

A special website was also created consisting of three content themes: ‘STORIES’ in which seven people active in various fields talked about beauty; ‘INNOVATION,’ which introduced the spirit of scientific inquiry into life as the essence of beauty; and ‘HISTORY,’ which presented SHISEIDO’s 150-year history. The website conveyed how the brand has continued since its foundation to pursue the link between beauty and life.

In addition, advertisements were rolled out featuring professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe, singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada, and actress Ursula Corbero, and campaign messages were posted on social media from celebrities with connections to SHISEIDO.

Australia – To celebrate its 10th year anniversary this year, independent creative agency Paper Moose in Australia has launched its first-ever initiative for its clients called ‘Buy One, Give One’, which aims to drive a positive and lasting change in the economy.

Through the ‘Buy One, Give One’ program, the agency will be donating time and creative resources to selected organizations that are on the mission to decarbonize the planet. This will help them tell their story, have a greater impact, and raise public consciousness. 

All beneficiaries are hand-picked by the agency. An example of an organization Paper Moose is hoping to help is deep tech company Vow Food, which is working to create cultured meats that do not harm the environment. 

Paper Moose’s CEO and Co-founder Nick Hunter shared to MARKETECH APAC that the name and idea of the initiative are not new ones but have been repurposed from other categories and sectors and hopes it’s a simple name that explains what it does on the tin.

“The world has changed and consumers in 2021 expect more from brands. Our impact on communities and the planet is being felt everywhere and people are looking to brands to fix the problem. As part of our new direction, we want to also help facilitate and accelerate that change,” said Hunter. 

Meanwhile, James Sykes, the head of strategy at Paper Moose, commented that the creative industry has helped businesses sell stuff for a long time, but today that same creativity needs to help new technologies flourish, and inventive Australian companies showcase what they’re doing. 

“Our client’s success remains our number one job but it’s time for our agency magic to accelerate deployment of the technologies that will save us,” said Sykes.

Earlier this month, Paper Moose announced the appointment of Sykes as its new head of strategy who is tasked to boost the creative agency’s overall strategy.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To celebrate Huawei Video’s anniversary, the video streaming platform by multi-technology company Huawei has launched its limited-time ‘Huawei Video Turns 1’ contest.

The contest aims to honor the platform’s first-year anniversary with its fans in Malaysia, which will run until 4 April 2021. Participating users will get a chance to win free subscription services and latest products from Huawei.

Huawei Video was first launched in March 2020 and has become one of the fastest-growing video streaming services across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as Singapore, and Thailand.

The video streaming app, which comes pre-installed on Huawei devices, offers a library of video content, ranging from child-friendly content to dramas, and movies, as well as documentaries, and concerts. The platform is also set to launch in Indonesia later this year.

Furthermore, Huawei Video has also announced the addition of a number of drama series on its platform, such as ‘Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies’, and ‘Brilliant Girls’ from MangoTV, as well as popular contents like ‘Big White Duel’ from TVB, and ‘Heroic Journey of Ne Zha’ from dimsum entertainment, among others.

Shane Shan, the director of consumer cloud service at Huawei Asia Pacific, said, “The growth of Huawei Video in the past year shows that there is a huge demand for streaming content in Asia and we are committed to delivering quality content through our curation and new partnerships.”