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Vietnamese students called to craft their own campaigns for road safety NPO

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – AIP Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping achieve zero road injuries and fatalities in Asia and Africa, has launched a youth-focused campaign in Vietnam called ‘HeadsUp!’. The campaign stresses the importance of the most fundamental safety measure on the road: Wearing helmets.

The campaign, which has also been rolled out in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines, is in fact a video-making competition for students in the said countries, calling them out to create innovative public awareness campaigns for road safety.

“Young people on motorbikes have become an icon of Southeast Asian streets. Scenes of students riding on scooters in the mornings as they make their way to schools depict a region that’s striving to move forward towards a better future,” said AIP Foundation. 

Implemented by AIP Foundation with support from FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, FIA Region II, and FIA Foundation, HeadsUp! will have students from renowned universities create video narratives that reflect the importance of quality helmet use among youth.

“With motorbikes becoming increasingly popular as a major mode of transportation for the young, promoting the use of helmets has become a necessary mission of AIP Foundation,” added the NPO.

Through the competition, the region will see creative campaigns made by and tailored for the “drivers of the future.” The winner of HeadsUp! will receive USD 1,000 and support to develop its video into a full-fledged campaign as part of the global launch.

Deadline for the submission of the videos will be on 31 March 2022, 5 pm ICT. More details can be found on the HeadsUp! website.