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‘We can beat anything’ the mantra of ACA’s campaign to boost vax rates

Sydney, Australia – In a bid to boost vaccination endeavors across the country, the Advertising Council Australia, alongside consulting firm Accenture and creative agency The Monkeys, is releasing a public service campaign, which looks back at the numerous events and instances in Australia’s history that Australians have conquered or passed through.

The 60-second campaign showcases both the positive and the negative events in history that have shaped Australia’s resilience against these hindrances or challenges. Enclosed in the campaign are snippets of how Australians have conquered natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, drought as well as the global financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, and championed innovations which include the cochlear implant to overcome deafness, and in the case of Fred Hollows, treat avoidable blindness.

For Tony Hale, CEO at Advertising Council Australia, there is great momentum for vaccination but more needs to be done as part of a concerted push to boost double vaccination rates to the levels and within the timeframe needed.

“As part of a call to arms, we need to bring those who are uncertain about vaccination on board and get the last leg of double vaccinations underway in a bid to reach a minimum of 80% so we can open the country up as quickly as possible,” Hale stated.

Meanwhile, Mark Green, co-founder and group CEO at The Monkey and lead at Accenture Interactive ANZ, commented that by watching the campaign, he reflected that it is important to look back and reflect on all of the challenges we have overcome as a nation, as Many Australians have been greatly affected by the pandemic and in these difficult times.

“As part of this fantastic collaboration, I’m proud of our industry for coming together to encourage all Australians to prioritize vaccination. With one final push, let’s apply our fighting spirit to this pandemic – if we all get vaccinated, we can beat this challenge too,” Green added.

Said campaign has also seen the support of the shareholders of the Premium Content Alliance namely Foxtel, News Corp, Nine, Seven West Media and 10; to which they donated media for the campaign.

“This initiative is the best way for us to do our part in encouraging all Australians to get vaccinated. The reach of our shareholders will ensure the campaign is seen by millions who will watch, hear, read and remember what can be accomplished when we come together as a country,” Kim Portrate, CEO at Premium Content Alliance, stated.

Vaccination campaign efforts have been rampant across Asia-Pacific, with organizations such as the Business Council of Australia, and brands like Agoda, Grab, and TikTok Singapore encouraging their followers to get vaccinated already.