Sydney, Australia – Australian AI and data science company Quantium has collaborated with internet protocol television (IPTV) provider Fetch TV and TV data insights company Adgile Media to launch Q.Measure TV, an ad reach solution which aims to bridge the gap on consumer analytics for business goods through comparison of physical sales against TV advertising impact. 

The said solution aims to deliver accurate and timely reporting for advertisers amid the changing tides of the digital world.

Lawrence Puang, executive for media and marketing for global markets at Quantium stated the solution is a “game changer” in looking at the expenditures of brands on TV advertising, which at some estimates, cost around two-thirds of the advertising budget.

“Existing solutions prove TV works. Q Measure TV goes further in enabling advertisers to optimize their TV advertising strategies to maximize sales. Never before have fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) advertisers been able to see exactly who they reached at an anonymized level, to measure how those consumers have responded and then accurately optimize campaigns to drive customer acquisition and incremental sales for existing shoppers,” said Puang.

With the existing solutions partnership, Adgil Media will serve as an analytics provider for data collected from live and on-demand TV towards TV ad measurement and media schedule validations. On the other hand, Fetch TV will measure the viewing behavior on 7% of Australian households, which equates to almost three (3) hours of viewing per day.

“Closed loop reporting, built on high-quality first-party data sets, and at a scale that reliably reflects the total market, is incredibly powerful. It promises  to reinforce the value of free-to-air TV advertising, and enhance the ability of advertisers to optimize their investment decisions for this critical media,” Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch stated.

Some of the key features of Q Measure TV include access to ad performance data, demographic breakdowns, conversion rates, advertising leverage, and competitor campaign comparisons; all of which are beneficial resources for advertisers to step up their game in category marketing dynamics.

In a statement, Craig Service, Adgile Media’s chief revenue officer expressed high hopes with the recent collaboration towards effective TV advertising solutions.

“We’re incredibly excited to combine our  independent, first party, real-time TV data with such an innovative new product. When you  have transparent data, you have transparent answers. Adgile’s role in this powerful  partnership is to provide real-time granular, structured and accessible TV data to fuel  Q.Measure TV, ensuring the measurement outputs are delivered with actionable speed,  accuracy and calculated on transmitted only audience impressions,” Service stated.

Q.Measure TV will officially launch to the market during Quarter 2 of 2021.