Hong Kong – To kickstart the new year, financial institution HSBC in Hong Kong has launched its annual ‘Go Goal Day’ campaign, aimed at empowering people in the country to pursue their dreams, and open up a world of opportunity as they go towards where they aspire to be.

Titled ‘1.23 Go Goal Day’, this year’s campaign was launched on 23 January, with the date and name of this day resembling the expression of ‘1, 2, 3, go!’, HSBC has made it a representation of courage for everyone who goes after their dreams. 

The campaign, which is developed in collaboration with creative and CRM agency Wunderman Thompson, includes a thematic video featuring the country’s superstar Keung To, as well as a series of social posts by influencers around the city who took the lead to share their goals.

The teaser is followed by offline stunts to engage the audience in real life, such as the iconic OOH wall in the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station in Hong Kong, a 1:1 Keung To digital greet with the audience, and an introduction of HSBC services. 

Moreover, the audience is encouraged to scan the QR code and learn more about the products and services that will potentially support them in achieving their goals. The bank has also leveraged on its LED wall to launch a brand new O2O customer journey. 

According to HSBC, during the entire Lunar New Year period, giant digital red packets will rain down the HSBC Main Building to bring luck and fortune to the city. For the very first time, the offline initiative is bringing the customers back to their social media platform, where they can participate in a game on Facebook to complete the journey.

“This full-funnel, holistic ‘1.23 Go Goal Day’ campaign will take everyone in Hong Kong closer to their hopes and dreams, whether it be financial, health goals, or just happiness in general,” said HSBC.