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Zenyum’s CNY campaign is a fun tale to engage people to ‘smile more’

Singapore – The Chinese New Year celebrations are fast approaching, and there is no shortage of CNY-themed ads and campaigns we can all enjoy. Like this latest campaign from Zenyum, a healthcare brand, where it focuses on the brand message of encouraging people to smile more.

In this 2-minute ad spot, this endearing and quirky film is about Jun Jie, a lion who can’t seem to open wide and seize his ‘ang pows’, until he gets help from his good friend Julie and Dr. Gigi. Titled ‘The Lion Who Couldn’t Smile’, the campaign’s overall message is all about the brand being equally eager to create stories and experiences that deliver on the same promise of ‘smile more’ and promoting their products, such as its “Invisible Braces”.

Speaking about the campaign, Eddie Azadi, VP for creative at Zenyum, said, “Having recently launched a Smile Gym in Singapore and a Smile Land theme park in Hong Kong, this festive film is a positive start to a year that promises plenty more playful pop-ups, unconventional collabs, and meaningful creative endeavours.”

Meanwhile, Bassam Abdel-Rahman, SVP for marketing at Zenyum, commented, “We are a young brand in build mode. So we wondered if it was “too soon” for us to go out with a big brand statement like this. But when Eddie first presented the idea the whole company instantly got behind it – we love work that is as entertaining to make as it is to experience.”

The films were created in collaboration with Fishermen Integrated and Mighty Humble Productions.