Manila, Philippines – For those who are motorcycle enthusiasts out there, how do you think a motorcycle brand sells speed-to-speed junkies? This was the unique brief Yamaha Motor Philippines gave Dentsu Creative Philippines to show off some of its quickest models, the Sniper155 and Mio Aerox, online.

To highlight the speeds that the two motorcycles are capable of, the agency worked on a series of commercials that viewers would have trouble keeping up with, staying true to its tagline, ‘Live to be Chased.’

Using timestamps, viewers could jump to specific points in the film and watch the moments that were too fast to catch the first time around. The material embodying speed was designed and shot to be so fast, that viewers could only appreciate the details if they pause or slow down the video playback, which they were encouraged to do with detailed prompts and captions. 

Naturally, viewers wouldn’t be able to catch every detail on the first go. But after every rewatch, they’re rewarded with new adrenaline-filled scenes they missed, making it an experience tailor-made for speed freaks and racing enthusiasts. 

Toni Acuesta, marketing section manager of Yamaha Motors Philippines, said, “This spot’s all about the speed that the Sniper and Mio Aerox offer, the precision handling, and the joy of discovering hidden details. With the timestamps, you’re in full control.”