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Non-profit org Kindness Factory launches first-ever brand campaign for World Kindness Day

Australia – Kindness Factory, a non-profit organisation based in Australia, has recently announced the launch of its first-ever brand campaign for World Kindness Day on November 13.

The organisation has partnered with global brand experience agency VMLY&R and global media agency Wavemaker to promote random acts of kindness through a series of ‘Public Kindness Announcements’ on print, newspaper, radio, and digital platforms. 

The campaign features bold and thought-provoking messages that encourage people to be kind to others. Its goal is to generate one million acts of kindness throughout November and to help to make the country a kinder place.

The radio campaign includes three 30-second announcements done in stereotypical government PSA style that will remind people to be kind. Meanwhile, the print campaign includes hyper-contextual messages printed in full-page spreads in motor, home, gardening, gossip, and food magazines.

The announcements will also be printed in newspapers, disguised as real news headlines. They will also be in digital-out-of-home ads that will target poor driving etiquette.

“At the very heart of Kindness Factory is the drive for the world to be kinder. We do this through our school curriculum and our community acts, which have proven to have a long-term benefit on one’s social, mental and physical state. This World Kindness Day, we set out to spread the word and benefits of being kind, by encouraging small acts of kindness — because from small things, big things grow,” said Kath Koschel, founder and CEO of Kindness Factory.

She further explains, “Testament to the ‘Public Kindness Announcements’ idea and campaign; it’s simple, bold, drives action and creates a smile. From the very first concept to the last piece of despatched artwork, the VMLY&R team nailed it every time, and they had us laughing along the way. It’s designed to stop you, make you think, inspire you to take action and give you a chuckle.”

Jack Delmonte, VMLY&R creative director, also said, “We absolutely jumped at the chance to work with the wonderful humans behind Kindness Factory. Positive change and a healthy mindset towards others is a mantra we care deeply about here at VMLY&R.”

Wavemaker’s Chief Investment Officer Philippa Noilea-Tani added, “Provoking positive change is a guiding principle for Wavemaker. There are things in this world out of our control. How we treat others isn’t one of them. What we say, what we do and how we treat others is always our choice.” 

Noilea-Tani also commented, “It’s been great working with the not-for-profit sector and making truly meaningful work that can spark change. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our industry come together and make this happen.”

Founded in 2015, Kindness Factory has been funding valuable research and insights on kindness, as well as collaborating with individuals and organisations who share their passion for kindness.