India – Vitamin Stree, a content brand in India together with Savage, a health and wellness company has launched a new music video for the rap song ‘PCOS? Mat Le Stress’ sung by hip-hop artist and activist Kraantinari. In honor of the PCOS community, the music video aims to depict the PCOS community’s struggles and experiences, the ups and downs of hormonal roller coaster, as well as the solidarity of Indian women with PCOS.

Managing PCOS can make one feel isolated, and that is why emerging hip-hop artist and activist, Ashwini Hiremath, a.k.a. Kraantinaari, came up with a rap song about living with PCOS. 

Kraantinaari said that PCOS treatment also brings lifestyle changes that are difficult to adjust to. 

“I thought I would write this song to celebrate people with PCOS, and the complicated feelings we have towards our bodies. Vitamin Stree’s content on PCOS has always given me comfort when it felt hard, and they handled the music video with the sensitivity, and sense of fun that the PCOS community deserves,” Kraantinaari said.

Kraantinaari added, “No matter where you are in your PCOS journey – we’re all in it together, and we’ll get through it with each other’s validation and support.”

The video also serves as a reminder that despite inadequate healthcare, insensitive comments, and sometimes harsh ways in which people look at themselves in the mirror – PCOS is less isolating when people talk about it, laugh about it, and of course, sing about it.

Ekta Tibrewal, founder of Savage, shared, “PCOS involves more than just an annual gynaecologist visit – and firmly believes that it needs a holistic, judgement-free, evidence-based lifestyle solution.

“PCOS is a complex condition that requires a different type of care than a hop-on-hop-off ride of birth control pills. We hope people diagnosed with PCOS feel that their frustrations are heard, through this music video,” She adds. 

Meanwhile, Kalyani Kulkarni, the director of the music video, commented, “Through this project, I got to meet many strong, talented young women. I really connect with Vitamin Stree’s feminist values and vision, and I had a lot of creative freedom to make this music video. We tried to have some powerful visuals of what having PCOS is like – but also wanted to drive home the fact that the burden is lighter with a community.”