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Content creator platform TipTip launches in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – TipTip, an integrated platform for content creators in SEA, has now officially launched in Indonesian through the Grand Launch event held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Jakarta. This event introduced Triawan Munaf as the president commissioner of TipTip, and was attended by various content creators.

The new platform provides innovative solutions to fill various gaps for content creators in developing countries across the region, such as the lack of monetisation opportunities, limited local payment & KYC (know-your-customer) integration, and various technical limitations related to content creation and distribution via low-end smartphone devices.

Albert Lucius, founder of TipTip, described the huge potential of the creator economy ecosystem in Indonesia and how TipTip aims to serve as the go-to platform to support Indonesian content creators to grow and take advantage of these opportunities. 

He said that TipTip provides various novel monetisation opportunities that were previously not available to content creators in Indonesia, without the typical prerequisite of a large audience for content creators to be successful. 

“We realised there is a massive untapped opportunity in the Indonesian creator economy. Although we have a wealth of talents and quality content, unfortunately, their potential was not fully developed due to the difficulty of amassing a large audience base. As not everyone is proficient at building an audience, TipTip serves as a new, unique channel to connect content creators with their fans, while providing direct monetisation opportunities outside of traditional ways of advertising and brand endorsement. We hope that TipTip can unlock new opportunities for content creators in Indonesia and together, we can grow with the rapid progress of the creator economy in Indonesia,” added Lucius.

TipTip said that content creator activity in Indonesia is experiencing immense growth and the market is predicted to reach IDR4 trillion to IDR7 trillion in the future. Based on the Opus Creative Economy Outlook 2020, the creative economy sector contributes IDR1.1 trillion to Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and consists of 17 million workers.

Commenting on this figure, Munaf explained the role of TipTip as a platform that contributes to the growth of the industry, especially as a local player who understands intimately the challenges faced by content creators in Indonesia. 

He further shared that as a homegrown platform, TipTip aims to be a solution for the community to continue to create and capture the enormous opportunities in the creator economy industry.

“TipTip serves as a platform that supports the growth of Indonesia’s creator economy industry, which in turn will promote financial inclusion. Not only as a means for content creators to work, this platform also facilitates public access to educational and quality content. My hope is that the TipTip platform can serve as an avenue for content creators to experiment and create. Our role is to encourage and appreciate the work of fellow Indonesians,” said Munaf.

TipTip is now accessible to the Indonesian public. Both content creators and their fans can visit TipTip’s website or download the TipTip application on the Google PlayStore to register. Apple iOS users will also be able to download the app in August 2022.