Singapore – Tilt Agency, a digital marketing and creative media agency, announced significant appointments in its creative solutions for clients across all industries. It kicked off with the appointment of Karn Singh as the new group creative director of Tilt

As he assumes this new role, Singh will oversee Tilt’s creative division and collaborate closely with Madina Kalyayeva, managing director of Tilt, to lead the agency’s goals for growth and innovation.

With more than 17 years of expertise in the advertising sector, Singh can find original and produce creative solutions to solve business problems. His portfolio includes multiple wins from competitions including One Show, D&AD, Webby’s, and Cannes, where he won the Product Design Lion and Singapore’s first Innovation Cannes Lion. 

Speaking about the appointment, Kalyayeva expressed, “We are thrilled to welcome Karn to Tilt. His exceptional talent and innovative approach to creative problem-solving make him the perfect fit to lead our creative team. With Karn on board, we are confident that Tilt will continue to deliver outstanding creative solutions that drive real results for our clients.” 

In addition, Tilt has also announced partnerships with SHOPOLOGY and CONSENSYS, extending its range of services. CONSENSYS uses AI, machine learning, and sophisticated analytics to mine product pages and reviews for priceless information about seller and brand performance. 

Tilt will deliver a range of services under this partnership, including shopper observations and interviews, shopper insight generation and workshops, shopper and consumer data integration, and retailer engagement. This collaboration enables Tilt to assist retailers in launching activations for category captain programs, focusing shopper and consumer data on specific target markets and channels. 

In its role as creative partner, TILT will provide visual executions for CONSENSYS/SHOPOLOGY’s strategies, guaranteeing that possible results are successfully brought to life via creative activations. 

Furthermore, in order to enhance their clientele’s access to digital marketing and creative media, SHOPOLOGY/CONSENSYS and Tilt will collaborate to run brand and retailer workshops and category captain programs. 

Speaking about the partnership, Stuart Helmore, CEO of Tilt, said, “Never before has technology played such a significant role in being part of our daily lives at home and in the media industry. Due to this almost unexpected rate of change, Tilt is strategically aligning itself with global tech trends. By partnering with the right tech companies, we aim to foster creativity and provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to effectively and effortlessly reach their consumers.” 

Meanwhile, Kalyayeva said, “Partnering with CONSENSYS and SHOPOLOGY allows us to offer our clients value-added services around in-store and online shopper and consumer insights. At Tilt, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that drive results for our clients, and these strategic partnerships are a testament to that commitment.” 

Lastly, Damien and Ian from SHOPOLOGY/CONSENSYS, expressed, “We are excited to partner with TILT to provide comprehensive shopper and consumer insights solutions to clients in the marketing and creative media space. This collaboration will enable existing Tilts & our clients to make informed decisions and create impactful strategies that resonate with their target audience. TILT’s expertise in creative execution complements our data-driven approach, allowing us to deliver holistic solutions that drive results.” 

Singapore – Tilt, a through-the-line and digital marketing agency based in Singapore, has announced the appointment of Madina Kalyayeva as its new managing director and partner as the agency aims to evolve into a regional creative powerhouse, poised to deliver innovative solutions to clients across diverse industries.

Part of the plans involved in Kalyayeva’s appointment would be the establishment of a dedicated social media and content production arm for the agency. In a press statement, Tilt shared that this strategic move aims to provide both existing and new clients with a holistic set of offerings, eliminating the need to tap into external partners for these services. 

MARKETECH APAC recently caught up exclusively with Madina Kalyayeva to learn more about this move and hear her insights on the outlook of the digital marketing industry in Southeast Asia.

Embodying an ethos on innovation, agility, and client-centricity

When asked about this expanded service lineup, Kalyayeva believes that this new service will help provide Tilt’s clients with unparalleled support in navigating the evolving digital marketing landscape.

“Tilt is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, offering consistent support and deeper partnerships. These new offerings will enable us to produce high-quality content quickly, optimising it for maximum impact. Social media, in particular, plays a crucial role in today’s digital landscape, and our dedicated arm will ensure that our clients have access to top-tier social media strategies and content production,” she told MARKETECH APAC.

She also added, “Having successfully set up an SM department & lead social media initiatives at M&C Saatchi, including regional clients like DFI and Epson, I understand the importance of social content in driving brand visibility and engagement.”

Prior to joining Tilt, Kalyayeva was previously the managing director of M&C Saatchi Singapore for almost two years. She also had experience working with agencies such as R.S.V.P., Indochie Media, GREY Singapore, amongst others.

During her time at M&C Saatchi, she played a pivotal role in acquiring clients such as Epson SEA, WWF Singapore, Maybank, and SMU. Her strategic vision and leadership have significantly contributed to expanding the agency’s offerings to social content production and PR and furthering relationships with existing clients.

By embodying the agency’s ethos on innovation, client-centricity, and agility; Kalyayeva believes that the agency is capable of harnessing the power of creativity and technology to drive meaningful impact for their clients and respective audiences, setting the standard for excellence in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and media solutions.

“We are committed to pushing creative boundaries, adapting swiftly to industry changes, and placing our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that we consistently deliver exceptional results and build enduring partnerships,” she stated.

What digital marketing trends, challenges, opportunities await SEA marketers this 2024

When asked of the key digital marketing trends that await marketers in SEA this year, Kalyayve shared that it would be artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality, adding that it will aid in aiding innovation for digital marketing strategies by brands.

“While AI garnered significant attention in 2023, its true impact is yet to be fully realised. However, it has sparked conversations around its potential to streamline processes and enhance creative output. At Tilt, we’re excited about the possibilities AI presents and are integrating various AI solutions into our operations,” she said.

She added, “Today we have a headset & a power-bank, what will be interesting is when that will all be packed into lenses we can all wear – what we see today (AR sets) is not what we’ll see in the near future AR offers immersive and interactive experiences, providing agencies and brands they are servicing with unique opportunities to engage their audiences in novel ways.”

However, Kalyayeva expressed that a key challenge now for digita marketers this year is how they can adopt to these rapidly changing consumer behaviours while also operating on limited marketing budgets.

“In 2024, brands in Southeast Asia will encounter a myriad of digital marketing challenges and opportunities. As consumers adjust to the constantly evolving nature of the Internet, the pressure is on for brands to transform their strategies to keep pace. Tighter budgets, changing consumer behaviour, and the need to navigate cultural and linguistic diversity pose significant challenges. Moreover, with last-minute budget releases becoming more common, marketers are faced with shorter planning cycles and smaller budgets released in spurts,” she explained.

She added, “This dynamic landscape demands agility from both marketers and their partner agencies. At Tilt, we understand the importance of agility and stand ready to assist our clients, even with last-minute opportunities. By leveraging our dedicated social media and content production arms, we can produce high-quality, bite-sized content quickly to accommodate the fast-paced nature of digital marketing in Southeast Asia.”

Co-owners William Chan, CEO of HM Too in Hong Kong; and Stuart Helmore, Tilt’s CEO, expressed their excitement about Madina’s appointment, sharing, “We are delighted to welcome Madina to the Tilt family. Her extensive experience and proven track record in the industry align perfectly with our vision for Tilt’s future. We are confident that Madina’s leadership will not only contribute significantly to Tilt’s success but will also enhance the overall synergy within the HM family.”

The move also comes as Tilt continues its trajectory of growth following the acquisition by HM Too and Agile Media in October 2021, cementing its position as a leading creative force in the South East Asian region.