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Investment app StashAway unveils new thematic portfolios

Singapore – StashAway, the intelligent wealth management platform designed to build and protect users’ wealth, has just announced the launch of its Thematic Portfolios, which include three themes namely ‘Technology Enablers’, ‘The Future of Consumer Tech’, and ‘Healthcare Innovation’.

The new portfolios feature exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from some of the world’s top fund managers, including ARK Invest, iShares, and Global X, as well as VanEck.

The ‘Technology Enablers’ includes sub themes such as AI, blockchain, and cloud computing, as well as robotics, and semiconductors, which is the technology that consumers do not see but it enables new technologies to transform the world, while ‘The Future of Consumer Technology’ invests in technology that everyday consumers use, such as e-commerce, fintech, gaming, and internet, as well as mobility, and social media.

And lastly, the ‘Healthcare Innovation’ portfolio is investing in the technologies that cannot only improve but even change the way people stay healthy, get treatment, and recover. It gives investors exposure to biotech, genomics, and pharmaceuticals, such as smart beds and software used for genome sequencing.

Freddy Lim, StashAway’s co-founder and CIO, noted that this gives investors access to thematic investing without the risk inherent with thematic investing, and the remaining non-thematic assets in a portfolio are there to manage risk. 

“We call these non-thematic assets ‘balancing assets’, and their role in our Thematic Portfolios is just as important as the thematic assets,” said Lim.

Meanwhile, Amanda Ong, the country manager of StashAway Singapore, commented that they are excited to offer new investment opportunities to the clients.

“The promising innovations that make up these portfolios take time to reach mass adoption. So, it’s important for investors to have a long-term mindset when investing in Thematic Portfolios,” said Ong.

StashAway said that its Thematic Portfolios are different from any other thematic offering available to both retail and institutional investors. Its risk management feature includes investors select the downside they are willing to accept in a given year, and the platform maximizes the thematic exposure as much as possible within the risk constraints.