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Tra Mongkut aims to look after farmers’ welfare–one signboard at a time

Bangkok, Thailand – Tra Mongkut, a fertiliser brand in Thailand known as Terragro Fertilizer, has launched its newest campaign that aims to look after the welfare of the local farmer population–by giving them signboards as a way to combat heat.

Called ‘Shelter Signboard’, the signboard is custom-made and researched to reduce heat from the scorching sun by 3°C – 4°C. Its reflective paint reflects back direct sunlight allowing shelter for farmers whilst they work on the fields.

This campaign, conceptualised alongside creative agency Wunderman Thompson Thailand, kicked off with 20,000 signboards being handed out to farmers nationwide within 1 month. Sales representatives from Tra Mongkut joined the fields to greet the farmers and provided demonstration and education on the usage of these Shelter Signboards. 

In addition, to share their sincerest gratitude to all these farmers feeding the nation with their sweat and tears, these signboards were printed with messages of cheers and appreciation for their hard work.

Jakkrit Charupong, product group manager, Tra Mongkut, said, “Thailand is one of the leading rice producers and one of the dominant food-producing countries of the world. Thai farmers play a major role in the agricultural sector which has long been the real backbone of the country. That is why we at Tra Mongkut are committed to providing insights and solutions that will inspire and enable a better living for Thai farmers to achieve a healthier and more sustainable living in Thailand’s agriculture industry.”

The campaign generated positive news that even the Thai government also joined in to support their innovation by taking this initiative nationwide and focusing more on the health of farmers.

Meanwhile, Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer at Wunderman Thompson Thailand, added, this campaign is interpreted as a whole new way to look at innovation: being a new, simple solution but truly helped and embraced by real users. 

“As a brand leader, we need to build more than just awareness but go for brand action that shows our support to the local farmer community. When we launched the campaign and consumers started to create their own version of our Signboard, we knew then that this made the right impact. Thank you to the brand and research team for knowing what their consumers really need,” Wannasiri said.