Syahriza Badron, the general manager of FCB SHOUT, has been named as one of the winners of ‘Empowered Women in Agency’ category at MARKETECH APAC’s inaugural recognition initiative for women leaders in the industry, Empowered Women Awards 2023.

Badron’s journey to the top leadership at the agency started off with her joining as an account director in 2014 and then climbing to the role of head of business development in 2020. She then ended 2020 with a promotion to general manager, where she is responsible for driving the agency’s exponential growth.

Spearheading agency success through active networking and leadership

When the industry thinks of a certain agency, more often than not, they associate easily with those who founded it and have been in the agency for the longest. But few know other influential figures behind the agency, who have been instrumental in pushing the company towards success in the industry.

This was the case for Badron, often referred to as the “other S” in FCB Shout. Whilst founders Shaun and Shi Ping concentrate on bolstering FCB Shout’s reputation, Badron is committed to taking the agency to new heights of success.

Such drive was exemplified by her desire to never rest on the agency’s current achievement and instead reach much higher levels. For her,  relying solely on the existing client roster is insufficient to achieve the agency’s ambitious goals. Amidst uncertainty in the advertising world, she spearheaded efforts to acquire new clients.

She further added that with acquiring clients now likened to a competitive battlefield, she knows that providing excellent work is only a part of the equation and that it is crucial to deliver solutions tailored to meet her client’s business and financial needs to win pitches.

This has then resulted in a massive win for the agency in 2022, where she led the team in securing business wins from clients such as Sunlife, Casio, Amway, Sacoor Blue, DKSH, Mr DIY, Allianz, AIG, and Pepsi, amongst others. Moreover, the agency–under her leadership–has won several industry awards as well as expanding its workforce and improving employee compensation and benefits.

In summary, her leadership has been nothing short of exceptional, as demonstrated by the agency’s stellar reputation, impressive business performance, and strong company culture, making it one of the most respected creative agencies in Malaysia.

People before profit: The guiding principle of true leadership

Despite all of these business wins and positive news, Badron still believes in the principle of ‘people before profit’ in her leadership. This is why under her leadership, she focuses as well on offering a range of incentives and benefits to talents in the agency.

With this in mind, the agency managed to reduce staff turnover by 22% and received a 97.5% confidence rating in FCB SHOUT’s future from the annual staff happiness survey.

Moreover, she has built both a career and a reputation as a fierce leader, which has been exemplified by her successes in leading clients to achieve their business goals through the development and implementation of effective communications strategies during her tenures at international and local boutique agencies.

“You’re going to encounter people who straight-up say “no” to your face. Keep pushing forward, keep hustling and keep believing in yourself and eventually, those “nos” will turn into “yeses”, she said.

Advocacy for the industry through engagements

Badron remains committed to promoting the advertising industry exemplified by her active involvement in various industry events and initiatives, including speaking engagements, and thought leadership publications. 

She also hosted a content marketing workshop, which saw 150 regional marketers in attendance, as well as providing valuable insights on brands tapping into the ‘Hijrah movement’ or the travel of Muslims to the holy city of Mecca for pilgrimage, and how brands are responding to these new type of conservative consumers.

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