United States – After her longtime service for the video platform YouTube, Susan Wojcicki announces that she will step down from her role as its chief executive officer. Assuming the role in 2014, Wojcicki helped the platform to play its role for creators and video consumers worldwide.

Wojcicki has been working with Google for 25 years, being one of the first employees who took marketing roles, co-created Google Image Search, and led Google’s first Video and Book search, amongst others. She also served as senior vice president of Adwords and AdSense.

In a personal note posted on YouTube’s official blog, Wojcicki said that she’s stepping down from her position to prioritise her family, health, and personal projects. However, upon leaving YouTube, she will take advisory roles for Google and its corporate parent, Alphabet Inc.

Wojcicki will be replaced by Neal Mohan, who was appointed as YouTube’s chief product officer in 2015. Mohan has worked with Wojcicki for 15 years, and helped in launching some of their biggest products, including YouTube TV, YouTube Music and Premium and Shorts.

Wojcicki said that she will support Mohan in the transition period by working with some YouTube teams, coaching team members and meeting with creators.

“I’ll still be around, so I’ll have a chance to thank the thousands of people from all across the company and the world who I’ve worked with and learned from,” she added.