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Superunion launches new creative tech service

Singapore – WPP creative company Superunion has unveiled its proprietary design technology which enables brands to create innovative digital experiences and build meaningful connections with their audiences. This new offering includes generative design and metaverse experiences, in addition to established motion design expertise.

The new creative technology service was developed by the Superunion Asia team across APAC and China studios, led by Jessica Tan, Superunion’s digital director for Asia, and Paola Demichelis, Superunion’s digital designer. By applying technology and digital art, and connected to data, the tools enable brand owners to generate limitless creative assets in record time, within the parameters of their brand identity, giving them creative control, and a platform to express their creativity, over their own brand.

Moreover, the tool has been put to use by multiple Superunion clients to ensure brand innovation and coherence after the creation of brand guidelines. After defining the brand rules with the client, Superunion codifies what makes the design unique, creating a set of design rules. These are then built into a series of algorithms and codes to build bespoke software, along with the UI and UX interfaces integrated into the final tool.

The generative design tool is also complemented by the launch of the Superunion metaverse offer for clients looking at the next generation of digital experiences to engage their employees and external audiences through gamification and creative possibilities of Web 3.0.

With Superunion expanding its portfolio of services, the company will be able to act as a creative partner for the world’s biggest businesses across multiple sectors and geographies.

Tan shared that creative technology is a core aspect of their Superunion proposition, along with digital-first brand creation and the exploration of the opportunities of the next generation of internet experiences. 

“We believe in handing power to our clients and their creative teams, and our creation of these expansive systems enables this. Clients can use the design rules of their brand and create an almost never-ending suite of assets to suit any need over time and let their own creativity free. This is where Superunion has come into its own and where we see the opportunity for growth, globally,” said Tan.

Meanwhile, Ambrish Chaudhry, Superunion’s managing strategy director for Asia, said that their creative technology offer has already changed the way they think of branding and design at Superunion. 

“It’s helped us to think screen -first, be agile around [the] adoption of our work and to play an even more consultative and partnering role for our clients. The opportunities are truly boundless and if client response is something to go by; then we are well poised to write the next chapter of brand and product identities for some of the largest businesses globally and in Asia,” said Chaudhry.

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Shenzhen’s Nantou City unveils new brand identity via Superunion

Hong Kong – Nantou City in Shenzhen, China has unveiled a new brand identity conceptualised alongside agency Superunion. The new branding aims to ‘activate’ Nantou City, bringing both Chinese traditions and modern creativity, as well as sustainable development and vitality to the town.

Nantou City, also known as the ancient city of Xin’an, has evolved into a landmark location embedded with four major parts – cultural and creative retail, trendy art experiences, high-quality and innovative F&B, and cultural residencies.

The core idea behind the brand refresh ‘Collide to Create’ positions Nantou as a place of contrasts and a meeting point for people and ideas to come together. The brand tagline ‘為每一種想像而來’ translates to ‘a place for every imagination’ which led to the central creative idea of the semicolon, with its literal function of connecting independent clauses or ideas leading to a more symbolic meaning: Nantou as a focal point connecting individuals, ideas and cultures.

Maggie Chien, business director at Superunion China said: “Using this iconic visual metaphor, we created a whole design language for Nantou City across a range of physical and digital applications, from website to wayfinding. Nantou City is not just a historical landmark that you visit once, but a place that you want to come back to time and time again, to relax, to stay, and to grow with. Instead of commercialising, we want to build the city into a sustainable cultural centre and integrate it with the local lifestyle. 

Meanwhile, Huang Nan, general manager of Shenzhen Nantou City Renovation Project, commented, “As we see the Greater Bay Area continue to thrive and develop, our goal is for Nantou City to retain its original architecture but also embrace contrast; old versus new, tranquillity versus energy, simplicity versus intricacy. It is an expressive yet harmonious place, encouraging the organic and sustainable growth of all beings. We feel a new identity encapsulates this sentiment whilst being engaging and memorable.”

The branding endeavour was first announced in August 2021, where Superunion will be responsible for the strategic brand, experience, and communications planning, alongside a total revamp of visual identity of the city.

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Superunion leads visual identity refresh for Shangri-La Group’s rebranded Shangri-La Circle

Hong Kong – Formerly known as the Golden Circle, the rewards programme of leading hospitality group Shangri-La Group has recently been launched as the rebranded Shangri-La Circle. The group said the newly transformed programme aims to pave the way for deeper engagement with customers and transform the programme into being more than just a loyalty programme. 

WPP creative company Superunion was the one appointed to lead the refresh of its visual identity. Superunion was tasked with the creation of a new brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity to reflect Shangri-La Circle’s new positioning as ‘Curators of the Good Life’, and to express an invitation to “a personal journey of discovery.”

The transformation of Shangri-La Circle follows the launch of Polaris, a new exclusive invitation-only elite membership tier, in December 2021, with the brand also created by the Superunion Asia team. The group said the creation of Shangri-La Circle is driven by the group’s commitment to innovation in how it rewards and engages with guests around the world. 

Benedict Gordon, CEO of Superunion Asia, said, “Shangri-La is an iconic brand, and the Shangri-La Circle reflects both the impressive heritage of the rewards scheme as well as the business’s forward-facing focus on creating an experience-led brand across every touchpoint. We wanted to stay true to the brand’s heritage by rooting the visual redesign in Asian culture and to bring to life the warmth of the brand in every interaction with members.” 

“This new identity reflects Shangri-La’s position as a global iconic brand and symbolises a revolution in how moments of discovery and curated experiences are designed,” Gordon adds.

The concept of ‘discovery’ is brought to life through a new, dynamic visual identity through an artistic reinterpretation of a compass that helps members navigate the world of Shangri-La experiences, including hotels, bars and restaurants, guiding them to discover their personal Shangri-La. Inspired by Asian calligraphy, the brand icon draws on the equity of the original Golden Circle marque, reinterpreted for a digital age, and subtly references the ‘Shangri-La ‘S” iconic letterform.

Superunion created a custom pattern inspired by Asian crafts like woodblock printing, porcelain, watercolour ink and rice paper to reflect the brand’s heritage in Asian hospitality and to create a sense of warmth and attention to detail. The colour palette draws on Shangri-La’s legacy but adds a bold yellow to reflect the evolution of the gold of the Golden Circle marque, while art direction guided a photography shoot intended to capture the good life. 

Superunion’s development of the brand’s tone of voice matches the warmth of the visual identity, to make members feel intrigued, engaged and welcomed across every customer experience. The brand will be demonstrated across a wide range of applications including the app, website, membership cards, welcome packs, gifts and amenities.

This brand was created by Superunion Hong Kong, with support from the Singapore and Shanghai studios. Meanwhile, Singapore-based creative digital agency 8traordinary was the one tapped to head Shangri-La Circle’s creative content planning, social media strategy & management, influencer marketing & management, and community management.

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China Duty Free taps Superunion to ‘dream up’ Macau flagship opening

Hong Kong — China Duty Free International, one of the established luxury goods operators in China, has commissioned creative company Superunion to create a visual digital experience for its new flagship opening in Macau. Dubbed ‘The Surreal Island’, the project is made up of large-scale digital displays set within the retail space at the Grand Lisboa Palace, Macau.

Superunion, a company under the WPP umbrella, will create content for digital screens that include ceiling displays and wall panels to be displayed in the Macau flagship store. The company worked in collaboration with Peru-based surrealist illustrator, Paolo Torres. Together, they created a poetic world inhabited by characters and scenes, designed through a whimsical combination of retail products and magical creatures.

Different scenes unfold from the art project; a tiger tote stalks the rainforest and a Venus statue built of lipstick sits at the centre of a lake whilst porcelain whales dance in the sky. Each of these narratives was illustrated and brought to life in motion, designed to seamlessly exist alongside the store’s daily life. The scenes are highly intricate, with day and night cycles that reveal new discoveries through every view.

Louisa Luk, senior designer of Superunion, said that the project has been a truly collaborative effort that spanned across time zones and continents, involving creatives both internally and externally from Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Italy, London and Peru.

“The China Duty Free team gave us an invaluable opportunity to flex our skills beyond branding into experience design – culminating in a fine blend of creative tech, illustration, art direction and cinematography. This immersive and dreamlike space speaks to the vibrancy of experiences and culture in Macau, setting up the flagship as a true destination for luxury shopping,” Luk said.

Meanwhile, Miuling Lau, senior marketing manager of China Duty Free International, commented, “Macau is known for its larger-than-life attitude to experiences, having established its identity as a casino city in the last 15 years. Our hope is that we are able to transport our guests to another world as soon as they step into our store and that this project marks the beginning of an otherwise expansive brand world for Surreal Island, where we can break out of the original retail context into other platforms and experiences.”

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Klook unveils new brand identity to reflect new future of travelling

Singapore – Travel and leisure e-commerce platform, Klook, has launched its first end-to-end brand identity, aimed at signalling its commitment to powering the travel ecosystem from customers, travel operators, and partners. This comes at a pivotal time of change in the travel industry as the company gears up to champion a new future of travelling in 2022 and beyond.

The new brand identity, which was created in partnership with global brand agency Superunion, invites people to experience everything with optimism, joyfulness, and enthusiasm. At the heart of the new brand identity is the company’s refreshed brand purpose, ‘To inspire and enable more moments of joy’, reaffirming its pledge to revitalize the travel industry.

Moreover, the rebrand also features an all-new Klook icon, new wordmark, typography, colours, illustrations, and icons. Customers can also expect a more interactive and immersive user experience on the platform, with new rich media formats such as motion graphics, short-form videos, and more exciting content, including travel guides, live streams, and vlog reviews.

Marcus Yong, Klook’s vice president of global marketing, shared that the rebrand marks a fundamental shift in how they engage with their customers, and it means pushing the boundaries and constantly introducing new ways to deliver joyful experiences across all touchpoints of their brand.

“With travel gradually resuming, there is no better time than now to introduce everyone to a new Klook and assist customers in reimagining how they travel in this new environment,” said Yong.

Meanwhile, Ambrish Chaudhry, Superunion’s managing strategy director for Singapore, commented that they are very excited to have played a part in Klook’s rebrand journey. 

“Now more than ever, people recognize the positive impact that overseas travel and local experiences have on our psyche. Klook’s exuberant new brand expression is a celebration of these moments and the joy they provide,” said Chaudhry.

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Superunion launches generative ‘Lucky Cat’ game to celebrate CNY

Hong Kong – To welcome the Year of the Tiger, Superunion, the creative agency under WPP, has created its new online game that plays on the use of words.

The new game features a ‘tiger machine’, which is inspired by the Chinese name for a slot machine, that generates a unique ‘lucky cat’ design for each player – attracting good fortune for the agency’s clients, teams, friends, and family. 

When the tiger’s paw is pulled, the ‘tiger machine’ randomises a design – head, body, and plaque – each coming from a different original artwork, to make a unique combination of colour and pattern. Custom tools allow the players to art direct their own background, creating a personalised festive greeting to download and share with friends and family.

Superunion said that the 18 original 3D artworks were created by its teams across Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai, as well as Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Tim Brown, Superunion’s creative director for Asia, believes that the Lunar New Year is a great opportunity to come together and work on something fun, to put a smile on people’s faces – something everyone needs more than ever. 

“We wanted to create an interactive, sustainable and shareable way to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Wishing you all good luck for the year ahead – Kung Hei Fat Choy,” said Brown.

Players can visit Superunion’s website to play the game and create their own Tiger greeting.

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Superunion launches new brand identity for World Table Tennis

Singapore – World Table Tennis (WTT), the global table tennis competition, is launching with a new brand identity spearheaded by brand agency Superunion. The new identity aims to capture new audiences, attract new partners, and inspire sports fans and consumers to play and enjoy the game. 

WTT, created by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), has seen that table tennis was only taken seriously as a competitive and commercial sport in a few countries, hence, wants to change this. 

With a fresh gradient visual creative, Superunion said it developed the new brand in a way that would change the way the world sees table tennis, to position WTT in the center stage, and bring its elite athletes, thrilling events, and exhilarating entertainment to the global audience. 

Inspired by WTT’s vision to show table tennis in a different light, Superunion’s creative strategy was to reverse the audience’s viewpoint by showing the game from the ball’s eye view, capturing the energy and skill of the game and allowing the audience to see table tennis from a new, unique perspective – literally. 

The identity design mirrors sports photography, capturing how each player focuses on the ball in motion. It follows the movements of the spinning ball at a break-neck speed, playing out the drama, precision, skill, passion, and mental agility that the players bring to the table. The whole new look speaks of ‘uncompromising confidence’ – whether that’s the new iconic black table or the redesigned theatre of play.

The World Table Tennis Cup Finals will be held in Singapore from 4 December to 7 December. 

Last June, Superunion was also the agency behind the official branding of TMBThanachart Bank, the recently merged banking institution in Thailand. 

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WPP’s Superunion marks 20 years in China with new Shenzhen office

Hong Kong – Superunion, the creative company under WPP, marks its 20-year anniversary in China by announcing the launch of its new office in the city of Shenzhen. Its founding clients will include Tencent, Riot Games, Vivo and Vanke Nantou City, and will be led by Monica Lee, chair of Superunion Asia, and Maggie Chien, business director at Superunion.

The company’s recent works for their Chinese business include partnering with Riot Games to celebrate the 10th anniversary of League of Legends China, and the creative transformation of Nantou City, known as the ancient city of Xin’an and located at the heart of Nanshan District in Shenzhen.

“As the company’s footprint and expertise expand, it is becoming a business not constrained by a specialism, instead acting as a creative partner for the region’s and the world’s biggest businesses across multiple sectors, helping them create meaningful value and change for their audiences and society,” Superunion said in a press statement.

Speaking about their new office in Shenzhen, Lee underpins the technology and innovation in the Greater Bay Area, which will become the region’s version of ‘Silicon Valley’. She added that they have a ‘laser-focused’ vision to build their presence among these new tech companies, who are looking to stamp their name not only in China, but globally.

“They now account for more than 25% of the new tech businesses in the region, and that number is still growing. The common theme with these businesses is their ambition to embrace new ideas. They are no longer looking for traditional agencies who offer standard services – they want partners who can grow with them, and we are perfectly positioned for this,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Benedict Gordon, CEO at Superunion Asia, commented that clients no longer see them as constrained by a specialism, but as a partner that can help them with a wide range of needs in order to create meaningful value and change for their audiences and society.

“Our ethos revolves around being a revolutionary creative company and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) is very much where many of China’s revolutionary creative businesses are born, providing incredible opportunities for us in areas like technology, AI and biotech. Superunion is the first brand company to have a presence across all of Greater China’s major geographies, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Shenzhen, so this is an exciting and symbolic milestone for us,” Gordon explained.

He added, “Brands now understand and embrace this change and especially in a post-pandemic world, want to make an impact. Businesses really succeed when they integrate business goals and ambitions with a clear brand strategy that they bring to life. This is where Superunion has really come into its own and where we see the opportunity for further growth, globally.”

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League of Legends marks decade anniversary in China with new campaign

Hong Kong – In retrospect to celebrating the game’s gameplay in China for a decade now, multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends has launched a new campaign alongside brand agency Superunion, which evokes memories of the game’s players in the country, who have been active now for a decade.

Called aptly as the ‘Annie-versary’ campaign, the title plays on one of the game’s well-known characters known as Annie, a child mage known to possess pyromantic abilities. Furthermore, the character has become of increasing importance to League of Legends players as a valuable and iconic champion.

Said campaign was developed using the insight from Riot Games that gamers love finding Easter eggs and the feeling of being truly part of a gaming community. It uses memes, secret words, and insider jokes, piecing them together to follow a protagonist’s 10-year gaming journey with League of Legends, sharing the wild ride with the gaming community.

Justin Kuo, head of creative, China Entertainment at Riot Games, said, ”Superunion has been the ideal partner for the campaign, as they truly understand the passion that our players have for our games and have helped us create a campaign that reflects the transformative power of being part of the gaming community.”

The film launched at the grand opening celebration event at Hangzhou Olympic Sport Centre and will be featured across all social media platforms and broadcast media.

Meanwhile, Maggie Chien, business director at Superunion China, commented, “It’s been an honor working with Riot Games China, with this particular project aligning perfectly with our creative revolution spirit. We worked as one global Superunion team to complete Riot’s 10th ‘Annie-versary’ film that integrates an impactful plot with top-notch visualizations, designed to evoke memories for all League of Legend gamers over the last 10 years.”

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China’s Nantou City undergoes brand transformation to boost presence in GBA

Hong Kong – Nantou City, the ancient city of Xin’an located at the center of Nanshan District in Shenzhen, has announced its complete brand overhaul, as part of its effort to build a cultural landmark in the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Nantou City is positioned as the capital of Eastern Guangdong and the cultural origin of Hong Kong and Macau. It strives to be the melting pot of design, culture, and creative industries.

According to Nantou City, after Vanke, the town developer and city service provider, took over the renovation of the city, it has evolved into a landmark location embedded with four major parts – cultural and creative retails, trendy art experiences, and high-quality and innovative F&B, as well as cultural residencies.

The rebranding, which will be managed by creative brand agency Superunion, includes strategic brand, experience, and communications planning, alongside a total revamp of visual identity.

Nan Huang, the general manager of Shenzhen Nantou City’s Renovation Project, shared that their aim is to activate Nantou City, bringing out the best in both Chinese traditions and modern creativity, organic and sustainable development vitality to the town. 

“As we see the Greater Bay Area continue to thrive and develop, our goal is for Nantou City to retain its original architecture, which is reminiscent of Lingnan/Cantonese styles from the Ming and Qing dynasties but injects modern elements to build the city toward a young and collaborative melting pot,” said Huang.

Meanwhile, Maggie Chien, Superunion China’s business director, commented that it is both exciting and challenging to curate a brand strategy and positioning that addresses the delicate balance between maintaining the history and making it relevant for contemporary times, and the Vanke team has demonstrated astonishing execution and sensitivities in revamping the old city.

“We want to reveal that hidden charm of Shenzhen Nantou City and build an innovative and consistent visual system that communicates the city’s values. In our view, Nantou city is not just a historical landmark that you visit once, but a place that you want to come back to time and time again, to relax, to stay, and to grow with. Instead of commercializing, we want to build the city into a sustainable cultural center and integrate it with the local lifestyle,” said Chien.

The city’s new brand revamp is set to be revealed at the end of 2021.