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Vietnam Airlines ramps up sonic branding with music video release 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – In the midst of brands ramping up their sonic branding, Vietnam Airlines is also on its way to innovating its brand and marketing efforts through a refreshing music video of its theme song ‘Hurry up!’, which dropped through a one-of-a-kind launch. 

In partnership with entertainment company, SpaceSpeakers, the new MV was performed by pop artists Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic, and SlimV which was officially unveiled right on the flight between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, on the morning of July 11, with 300 passengers onboarded.

On the ‘special flight’, the artists performed the song ‘Hurry up!’, with the event spruced up with more exciting activities in-flight such as lucky passengers receiving a special gift of a pair of round-trip tickets from the airline. 

The MV was simultaneously launched on online music platforms on the evening of July 11. Moving forward, the melody of the song ‘Hurry up!’ will be broadcast on more than 400 flights of Vietnam Airlines every day at the time of landing. 

The partnership said the new music product shows the transformation of Vietnam Airlines with the goal of ‘brand rejuvenation’ to reach more customer segments while preserving traditional cultural values.

More and more brands are recognising the role of sonic branding in their branding identity. This can be seen in other markets such as the Philippines, with consumer finance company Home Credit, releasing its new brand song similarly performed by a top music artist. On the global scene, on the other hand, Mastercard has recently unveiled its first-ever music album as part of its sonic brand journey.