Singapore – Marketing reports are aimed at giving a holistic view of a particular trend or landscape in the industry, but this time, MARKETECH APAC, in partnership with IAS, presents a comprehensive and targeted study that eyes to inform the community of consumers’ overall social media usage as well as their perception and receptivity towards in-feed advertising. 

In-feed ads are a format inside a user’s social feed. ‘Social Ads and Consumer Perception study – Singapore Edition’ aims to provide readers with the current behaviour and perception of Singaporean consumers towards social media and more specifically, in-feed ads. 

The report is based on a survey of over 500 Singapore consumers and vows to shed light on topics like the effect of fake news on consumers’ trust towards ads, the effect of the placement of content together with brand’s ads, and the consequence of the context of a particular ad on brand favorability and intent to purchase. 

“Social media has become a mainstream platform for advertisers to engage with the online consumers. This report shows that nearly nine out of ten online Singaporeans have engaged with an ad on social media in the past year, and that six out of ten feel favourable towards brands with contextually relevant messaging. Social media consumers are discerning about ad adjacencies and brands must make sure that their ads are contextually relevant. While 67% of consumers hold social media platforms responsible for ads appearing near unsafe content, it is equally important that brands take the onus and direct their agency partners to help them align with what’s relevant and avoid unsuitable content. A key aspect of this is working with a trusted media quality partner,” said Laura Quigley, SVP for APAC at IAS. 

Meanwhile, Shaina Teope, regional editor of MARKETECH APAC, said, “When it comes to knowing what effectively draws consumers to a particular marketing campaign, it’s always the little things that matter. Because when they are taken care of, objectives of brand awareness and brand favourability come as a natural progression. This report helps break the puzzle out of delivering in-feed ads by looking into what consumers think of this format.”

Download your copy of the report HERE.