Sydney, Australia – Customer relationship management (CRM) platform HubSpot has relaunched its software service ‘Service Hub’, a customer service software enabling companies to prioritise their customer experience. Through the revamped software, it allows companies to deepen customer relationships while driving team efficiency and connecting to the front office.

First introduced in 2018, Service Hub allows teams to transform feedback insights into actionable customer journey improvements, while customisable tools and views help drive team efficiency.

Sabina Sobinina, director of success for JAPAC at HubSpot, said, “Consumers tolerate poor customer experiences and end up feeling overlooked and disappointed far too frequently. Combatting this is why we originally launched Service Hub, which has since evolved to include all new features that strengthen the customer experience and provide authentic interactions that not just satisfy the customers’ needs, but delight them too.”

Some of the features of Service Hub include customer portals for ticket conversations going between customers and reps, service level agreement (SLA) management tools that help companies prioritise incoming requests, mobile inboxes to keep teams productive on the go, and beta offering of inbound calling.

Sobinina added, “We know almost every customer is more likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service, which is why it’s so important that teams have a unified understanding of customers. We’re genuinely delighted to further empower businesses to deliver genuine, connected, customer-centric experience.”