Singapore – Sporting goods retailer Decathlon Singapore has collaborated with multi-category classifieds and recommerce marketplace Carousell to strengthen its eco-conscious initiatives with the launch of ‘Decathlon Carousell Store’. 

The newly launched store offers customers a convenient and trustworthy platform to buy and sell quality-assured second hand bicycles that have been inspected and refurbished by Decathlon on the Carousell platform. 

Users interested in selling their bikes can schedule an appointment directly with Decathlon through the Carousell app’s ‘Sell to Carousell Bicycle’ button. 

Bikes sold by users to Decathlon will undergo meticulous inspection and refurbishment by their seasoned experts before they are put on sale on Decathlon’s official ‘Second Life Store’ on Carousell. Additionally, each bike also comes with a two-year warranty and can be paid securely upon checkout at Carousell. 

Decathlon and Carousell’s partnership comes as both share a common goal of emphasising sustainable efforts and supporting the circular economy. By partnering with Carousell, Decathlon aims to broaden its audience, leveraging Carousell’s extensive reach of 1 in 3 Singaporeans, including many keen secondhand shoppers, in response to the growing demand for sustainable shopping.

Aside from selling and buying second-hand bicycles, Decathlon’s partnership with Carousell will also allow users to trade their old Decathlon bikes. 

For users interested in trading their old Decathlon bicycles, they can make an appointment on the Carousell app. Upon meet-up, the bikes will be inspected by Decathlon’s seasoned team of experts. 

This partnership marks Decathlon’s debut in bringing its bicycle trade-in program to a recommerce platform in Singapore, following the success of its Second Life initiative introduced in 2022. Second Life offers refurbished goods at discounted rates. Decathlon intends to expand this trade-in programme to other sports categories soon.

It also marks the official launch of Carousell Group’s Brand Solutions, which streamlines the process for brands to offer resale options to customers. This initiative transforms how brands incorporate resale, providing tailored programmes and resale-as-a-service solutions, promoting sustainable shopping, and benefiting both brands and consumers in the eco-conscious market.

Decathlon’s strategic partnership with Carousell signifies its dedication to environmental responsibility by enhancing user engagement in the circular economy. Embracing recommerce, Decathlon offers eco-friendly alternatives, contributing to a sustainable future for the sports industry in alignment with Singapore’s sustainability initiatives.

Nathaniel Gregory, circular economy and services lead at Decathlon Singapore, said, “Sustainability has been a core tenet of Decathlon’s business. Besides enhancing our production process to produce quality items in an eco-conscious manner, it is important to further extend our product life cycle. Having a partner like Carousell whose brand and user community are passionate about the circular economy gives us an increased avenue to reach out to more people who can, in turn, be advocates for a more sustainable future.”

Meanwhile, JJ Eastwood, senior vice president of brand solutions at Carousell Group, shared, “Carousell has been at the heart of the circular economy across the region for over a decade, with the goal of making secondhand transactions more trusted and convenient. Our partnership with Decathlon advances this mission, significantly benefiting buyers and sellers alike. Sellers enjoy the convenience of a buyback program. Meanwhile, buyers at Decathlon’s Official Second Life Store on Carousell are assured of quality thanks to thorough inspections and warranties. This partnership marks the first of many new brand partnerships, ranging from trade-in initiatives to end-to-end Resale As A Service programmes.”