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AIA HK launches new campaign on retirement scheme high points

Hong Kong — The Mandatory Provident Fund, often abbreviated as MPF, is one of the key retirement pillars of the general public of Hong Kong. As a trusted pension partner of employees, AIA Hong Kong shares members’ concerns about MPF performance and has been providing highly competitive MPF products and services to help them live ‘Healthier, Longer, Better Lives’ -an ethos of AIA.

To enable members to have a better grip on the highlights of its MPF scheme, AIA Hong Kong has launched a large-scale advertising campaign that features singer Hins Cheung that will roll out throughout the city.

The brand-new advertising campaign aims to accentuate the four highlights of the AIA MPF scheme in a fun and light-hearted fashion where Cheung plays the roles of a courier boy, a tailor, an accountant and an architect.

In the first highlight, it underscores that AIA Hong Kong ranks first among MPF service providers in terms of average returns of overall MPF funds in 2021; on the second one, it highlights how over 99% of AIA MPF members achieved a positive return.

Another high point featured in the campaign was that MPF member accounts achieved an average cumulative 3-year investment return of over 28%; and lastly, AIA Hong Kong won numerous MPF awards like MPF Ratings’ Gold Rated Scheme, Best Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution Provider, and more.

The advertising series will be rolled out on both online and offline media platforms, including trams and buses, MTR stations and social media.