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Rakuten, Uber Eats roll out new payment service integration

Tokyo, Japan – E-commerce company Rakuten and food ordering company Uber Eats have recently teamed up to roll out a new payment service integration where Rakuten Pay’s online payment service will be integrated into Uber Eat’s online system.

Rakuten Pay will be available as an official payment method when ordering food and groceries on Uber Eats for all users by late April.

In addition, this new integration will allow Rakuten customers to effortlessly sign up for an Uber Eats account using their Rakuten ID. They will also be able to earn and spend Rakuten Points — Rakuten’s flagship loyalty program — when ordering food and groceries on the Uber Eats app.

Ryo Matsumura, senior executive officer at Rakuten Group and vice president at Rakuten’s Commerce Company, said, “We are extremely pleased to launch this Uber Eats and Rakuten Pay collaboration with our partners. Consumer demand for quick commerce is growing rapidly. We are confident that this collaboration will contribute greater convenience to the service and improve the user experience, and we are very much looking forward to delivering new value to customers.”

Meanwhile, Yukiko Muto, president at Uber Eats Japan, commented, “It is an honour to be partnering with Rakuten, one of Japan’s largest and most trusted internet companies. We extend a warm welcome to the more than 100 million Rakuten members in Japan, and can’t wait to bring them the benefits of food and grocery delivery within 30 minutes. This is a huge step in Uber Eats’ journey in Japan, and I look forward to more exciting ventures with Rakuten in the future.”

To celebrate this collaboration, Uber Eats and Rakuten will launch a special promotion starting 27 April for both first-time Uber Eats users and all current Uber Eats users as well.

Technology Featured APAC

Rakuten SQREEM unveils new AI-based first-party data ad solution

Singapore – Rakuten SQREEM Inc, the joint venture between AI solutions company SQREEM Technologies and e-commerce platform Rakuten Group, has launched ‘RMP – SQREEM Ads’, a new advertising product that offers deeper insights and significantly more targeted media buying.

‘RMP – SQREEM Ads’ combines the behavioral pattern analysis data based on more than 100 million Rakuten members in Japan with SQREEM’s AI behavioral pattern analysis capabilities, to provide insights that will enable advertisers including Rakuten Group’s Japanese vendors and partners to understand at an anonymized individual level what products and services consumers want to buy.

Through the new product, SQREEM will now be able to help companies understand their behavioral pattern analysis data accumulated by them at scale and speed, and will be able to enrich data on platforms and analyze it within a week, all without ever accessing data that sits behind clients’ secure firewalls. This will also allow companies to monetize the valuable trove of first-party data they may have but are unable to use in a meaningful manner, as the enrichment technology by SQREEM has been used by dozens of multinational organizations.

Ian Chapman-Banks, SQREEM Technologies’ CEO and co-founder, believes that SQREEM’s technology can help companies by providing and powering targeting and insights for their vendors, partners, and clients. According to Chapman-Banks, their AI technology has already produced very successful results for dozens of multinational clients, enriching their data to generate important insights that help optimize their marketing and sales funnel strategy.

“From identifying the target audience to predicting higher purchase intentions, having a strategy to maximize the value of companies’ data will help businesses take advantage of significant opportunities and deliver business success,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Ryugen Shimizu, the CEO and president of Rakuten SQREEM Inc, commented, “This is the first of a suite of products we’re planning to launch. We’re very excited to see this 12-month project come to fruition and help our clients in Japan create impactful, relevant touchpoints with consumers.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

Marriott International, Rakuten enter strategic collab to enhance travel experience

Tokyo, Japan – Multinational hotel and lodging company Marriott International and internet services company Rakuten have joined forces in their latest partnership, aimed at enhancing the travel experience for Japanese consumers, whether travelling locally or internationally.

Said partnership, which is scheduled to launch in phases from late-November 2021, is set to open up a world of benefits and elevate the travel experience for Japanese customers in the following ways such as integrated digital travel experience, more perks for registered members, and VIP experiences.

Through the partnership, Marriott International’s travel program Marriott Bonvoy will have direct access to millions of Rakuten members to offer them unparalleled experiences and a diverse portfolio of Marriott Bonvoy’s 30 international hotel brands, and market directly to Rakuten’s customer base with content and promotions that are customized for the Japanese traveler.

Meanwhile, for Rakuten’s part, it will utilize its digital expertise and capitalize on the current growth of Japan’s digital economy, alongside the global scale and the rapid growth of the Marriott Bonvoy footprint. 

This new agreement is designed to create a seamless, integrated travel experience and allow eligible members to enjoy benefits from both Marriott Bonvoy and the Rakuten loyalty program.

“We are excited to work with Marriott International to offer eligible Rakuten members the amazing benefits of Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s industry award-winning travel program. Rakuten customers have come to expect the highest standards of service and convenience, and Marriott is an ideal partner. This groundbreaking alliance will add incredible value for our members, enabling them to tap into the advantages of a global travel program,” said Kazunori Takeda, group executive vice president and president of commerce company at Rakuten Group.

Meanwhile, Rajeev Menon, president for Asia Pacific excluding Greater China at Marriott International, commented, “With a significant number of Japan’s population a Rakuten member, we anticipate this collaboration will allow us to strategically capture a greater share of a strong Japanese travel market and connect these travelers to our expansive portfolio of global brands. We’re delighted to be working with Rakuten to advance the recovery of travel.”