Manila, Philippines – As the platform continues to grow its presence in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, the local arm of e-commerce platform Lazada has launched a new process called ‘Start It Up, Laz It Up’ which encourages new sellers to register via a simplified three-step sign-up process. To add up to the encouragement, the platform has also placed a raffle for the new registrants, amounting to US$10k worth of prizes.

Said raffle will be awarded to one lucky recipient and is composed of cash and advertising credits to kickstart the recipient’s online business on the platform. Interested new sellers must sign up and launch their Lazada marketplace stores in active selling mode during the period of 27 September to 30 October.

The ‘Start It Up, Laz It Up’ process is as follows: submit and enter a registered local mobile number, then enter a one-time six-digit code to verify the mobile number, and finally setting a strong and unique password.

Once finished setting up the account, online sellers can start selling on the platform by adding the address of the location where the seller will ship their products from; then adding a valid government-approved identification so that payments can be processed, and adding a valid bank account information for ease of withdrawing earnings from the platform.

For Carlos Barrera, chief operating officer at Lazada Philippines, the first six months of 2021 saw the number of Filipino sellers joining the platform tripled, which is a striking testament to how e-commerce is a must-have for many local businesses in today’s digital era, adding that the company remains committed to empowering Filipino SMEs with the tools and services that are key for their online growth ambitions.

“This journey starts from something as simple as making the first step and registering as an online seller. With the simple and seamless seller registration process, we hope more aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life will dream big and explore e-commerce with zero barriers. Lazada is here with you to build resilience and preparedness in order to tap onto the massive online opportunity,” Barrera stated.

The rise of sellers has been noted in their first-ever ‘Digital Commerce Confidence Index’, where 70% of Southeast Asia’s online sellers are optimistic and confident about their future growth and prospects for the third quarter of 2021.

To further help new sellers in setting up a successful online shop in the platform, Lazada University has an introductory step-by-step guide to welcome new users with a manageable Learning Management System (LMS) with a suite of diverse training materials for easy understanding especially by first-time sellers. Topics available range from advertising to budget management, as well as offline and live-streamed training sessions conducted by Lazada staff and peers from the seller community.