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Thai beverage company Ichitan to form JV with data intel firm

Thailand – Ichitan, Thai beverage company that manufactures a wide range of beverages such as green tea, herbal, fruit, and energy drink, seeks to transform itself into a data-driven company through a joint venture with Predictive, a data intelligence service provider.

It was announced in Ichitan Group’s board of directors’ meeting that the company will invest in Predictive by holding 25% shares worth 122.6m Baht to support marketing in the digital era using Big Data as the key factor to drive business through marketing.

Predictive is a company that specializes in data technology. The JV, which is expected to be completed in Q1 of this year, will be enhancing data analysis capabilities and studying the needs of customers for use in marketing planning and for devising ‘marketing responses’ according to the 3N strategy.

The 3N strategy refers to New product, New market, and New business. Ichitan said the goal of the JV is to extend new opportunities in creating data solutions for responding to the growing digital trends with a plan to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the next three years.

Tan Passakornnatee, president & CEO of Ichitan Group, said, “This year is another important big move of Ichitan in transforming its business into the digital world. We are moving forward by using technology to support both the beverage business and the new business in providing digital data services. Since data is regarded as gold in today’s world and the future, as such those having a lot of data will create an advantage in getting into the mind of the consumers.” 

Predictive who has expertise in information technology is expected to truly enhance the capability of Ichitan’s core business and enable Ichitan’s data management to be a value-added benefit for the JV that provides data services. Ichitan said the arrival of Predictive will also create for the group its own first-party data collection strategy.