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Philippines’ pizza chain Shakey’s to open first branch in Singapore

Manila, Philippines – Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc., the company behind the Filipino arm of Shakey’s, revealed on Tuesday that it is set to open its first branch in neighboring Southeast Asia country, Singapore. 

The franchising agreement is inked as a seven-year deal with Singapore’s Brenrich Pte. Ltd, allowing it to make inroads in the newly acquired market. 

“We are thrilled to restart our international franchise journey in Singapore, which is at the forefront of global recovery, and we are fortunate to have Brenrich as our [franchise] partner in the Lion City, given their rich experience in the restaurant industry,” said Vicente Gregorio, president, and CEO of Shakey’s.

The new branch will be located in Lucky Plaza mall, along iconic Orchard Road, and is set to open late in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of 2021.

Lucky Plaza mall in Singapore.

According to SGP Business, Singapore-based Brenrich’s principal activity is food courts, coffee shops, and eating houses. Brenrich director Wong Ban Ming said he was “very happy and excited to bring Shakey’s to Singapore.”

Wong, who is also a franchisee of Filipino restaurant brand Tapa King in Singapore, said, “We are certain that many locals, and especially the overseas Filipinos miss Shakey’s, and this will bring back a sense of nostalgia.”

The new branch will be offering Shakey’s complete menu including its thin-crust pizzas and iconic chicken and mojos, although some items will be tweaked to comply with halal standards in consideration of Singapore’s large Muslim population.

In the second half of 2020, Shakey’s has subsequently announced new products and new business movements. In August, the restaurant has similarly partnered with Singapore-based R&B, to bring the milk tea brand to the Philippines. Meanwhile, in the latter part of the year, Shakey’s launched a ‘Plant-based’ burger, which is a first-ever by a restaurant chain in the country. 

Gregorio said, “While the Covid-19 pandemic is presenting challenges to food companies like Shakey’s, it is also serving as an impetus to turn a crisis into an opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Jose Arnold Alvero, Shakey’s vice President for international operations and franchising, said, “The primary target market initially will be Filipinos living in the city-state. But the Lucky Plaza outlet is also seen to attract Singaporeans, as it is located along a busy business district.”

He added, “We have no doubt that Singapore’s discerning guests will be wow-ed with what Shakey’s [will bring] to the table in terms of building the brand, people, and the store.”

Shakey’s currently has three stores outside the Philippines in Dubai. It has a total of 242 branches located around the Philippines.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Domino’s AU imagines reasons you won’t be able to get out of your car – including an approaching T-rex

Australia – Pizza brand Domino’s in Australia has got a new “delivery” service, albeit not novel at all, its new creative spot by agency Elevencom might just inspire in customers a fresh excitement for it. 

The pizza chain is offering a new “car park delivery,” where customers don’t need to get out of their cars to claim their order. In the new ad,  the brand brings home the point of the service’s convenience by imagining the possibility of why customers won’t be able to get out of their cars – such as an approaching dinosaur. 

In the ad, the car park has been turned into a Jurassic-like park, stirring scare among a group of DNA scientists looking to claim their pizza order.

This has been the second installment of the brand’s car park delivery ads, wherein the first one threw in a comic story of fishes not being able to get out of their water-filled cars.

Domino’s new car park delivery combines both pick-up and delivery services. Customers initially make an online pick-up order, and claim it within the store’s parking premises.

Elevencom said the campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand on TV and digital channels.

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Pizza Hut, KFC in HK launches co-op pizza with mobile game to boot

Hong Kong – The newest pizza from Pizza Hut in Hong Kong incorporates another fast food favorite: KFC’s chicken popcorn. Called the Chicken Popcorn Pizza, the new limited-edition item has launched today, which features Pizza Hut’s iconic crispy crust alongside classic gravy, and a generous serving of cheese, sweetcorn, and mushrooms.

To celebrate the partnership, the two brands have released another exciting engagement for its customers – a mobile game called the ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen,’ conceptualized together with Ogilvy Hong Kong. Emphasizing the partnership between the two brands, the game connects two phones and challenges two players to craft a ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn Pizza’ against the clock together, playing as the ‘Pizzatainer’ and ‘Colonel Sanders.’

Teamwork is the name of the game as players have to knead the dough, fry the chicken popcorn, and bake the pizza too. Completed tasks within the given time win players Pizza Hut and KFC coupons.

Wendy Leung, marketing director at Pizza Hut Hong Kong said, “The Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn pizza brings the best of both worlds together. This mobile game based on teamwork is a great way to engage with our fans and consumers while also increasing awareness of our brand and food innovation credentials.”

Meanwhile, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy John Koay said the collaboration between the two brands is a dream come true. 

“That’s why we were excited to create the Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen, a fun two-player game for fans to create this epic pizza with a friend and unlock tasty rewards too.”