AustraliaUber has launched the first ever advertising option, Journey Ads, for Australia with Paramount+ through Wavemaker, that provides share-of-voice and consumer attention from millions of riders across the region. 

This is Uber’s latest strategy for advertisers to allow brands to place relevant content in front of purchase-minded riders from the moment they book their ride through to the end of their trip.

Following the successful trial in the US, Journey Ads is making its way to Australia to make it possible for Uber to personalise advertisements to users without compromising their privacy or experience, or sharing their personal data, by utilising Uber’s first-party data and insights on millions of users. Creating and personalising powerful and relevant user content based on their activities and interests based on previous trips and orders are made possible for brand advertisers.

Paramount+ Regional Vice President Marketing & Growth, Louise Crompton, said, “At Paramount+ we are always looking for new and innovative ways to present our brand and our exclusive content slate to Australian streamers. The targeting opportunities combined with the high dwell environment to reinforce our Mountain of Entertainment over Summer, was very appealing to us.”

Meanwhile, Wavemaker Group Director, Peter Andrew, stated, “We are always looking for innovative ways to connect with audiences and reach them with the right message at the right time. Uber advertising provides a new platform to talk to audiences when they’re in the right mindset. We are so excited to leverage Uber’s new targeting capabilities to feed people content that will excite them personally.”

Lastly, Uber’s Head of Advertising ANZ, Michael Levine, said, “We are excited that Paramount+ is amongst the first to launch Journey Ads on our platform, as we have seen strong levels of interest from brands across Australia looking for innovative ways to connect with audiences. Uber’s Journey Ad format offers brands 100% ownership of the ride. At an average 20+ minutes per ride, our pilot partners in international markets have seen phenomenal levels of engagement with the new ad format. Combined with unique waypoint targeting, Uber’s new advertising formats offer Australian brands a space to create meaningful audience engagement.”

Uber Journey Ads follows the successful launch of Uber’s Advertising division in ANZ earlier in July, which includes a suite of advertising formats for merchants, partners and brands on both the Uber and Uber Eats platform. 

In Uber’s Privacy Centre, users can also set their ad preferences and opt out of certain personalized ads. Furthermore, Uber requires all advertisers on the Uber platform to follow its content and targeting policies, and all ads are subject to Uber’s review and approval.