Germany – Global vehicle brand Audi has reworked its brand identity to spotlight the company’s transformation to sustainable and digital premium mobility. The brand will now carry the slogan “Future is an Attitude.” 

With the new tagline, its original brand claim, the German phrase “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “progress through technology” will remain; the only difference is, the new identity will now be globally visible for the first time. 

“By refining our brand strategy we give a contemporary definition to ‘Vorsprung’ and make ourselves ready for the future – for a new automotive era and for our customers,” said Henrik Wenders, senior vice president for brand.

“The purpose is to improve people’s lives through technology and to make a contribution to society. Audi’s ambition is to shape the future of premium mobility and to create fascinating experiences,” added Wenders.

Under the new communicative approach, Audi will unite its worldwide marketing activities from now on, while still taking into account cultural and country-specific requirements.

Spearheaded by German creative agency thjnk Hamburg GmbH, the campaign’s presentation is guided by the brand’s progressive premium image, while the reduced and clear style will be evident in the new visual language.

In the video ad, Audi aims to demonstrate the message of “an electric, digitalized and emotional future.” Its current models Audi e-tron Sportback, Audi AI:ME, and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept were showcased in the campaign as they represent “the innovative power of the brand.” Meanwhile, the protagonists of the ad are Audi employees like head of design Marc Lichte, who, according to Audi, authentically embodies its attitude.

The campaign will be conducted through all channels of communication, from TV to the digital platform. On the newly launched website, all contents of the campaign will be gathered, and further background stories will be offered to users.